Meet a MSU Student Athlete | Jessica Bracamonte

Name: Jessica Bracamonte

Sport: Softball

Position: Outfield

Year in School: Senior

Major: Sociology

Hometown: Hacienda Heights, CA

Why did you choose Michigan State? Because of the coaching staff, the campus, and the four seasons.

How did you decide on your major? Took an intro to sociology class my sophomore year to fill credits and really enjoyed it, so I decided to stick with it.

Favorite class & why? Acting because it was fun.

What is your favorite Spartan sports memory? Beating Michigan to move to second round of Big Ten tournament.

What are your career aspirations? To be a Division I softball coach.

What living person do you admire the most? Mom, dad, & grandma Susie

What are some of your community service projects you have enjoyed most? Wrapping presents for toys for tots, Teddy Bear Toss

What are some of your hobbies outside of your sport? Longboarding, going to the beach

Name one thing most Spartan fans do not know about your coach? She's a pretty good dancer

Three words that describe yourself... Determined, Loyal, Outgoing

Three words that describe your coach... Honest, Consistent, Funny

- 355 student-athletes maintain a 3.0 or higher cumulative GPA

- 41 student-athletes had a 4.0 semester

- 388 student-athletes achieved a 3.0 or higher semester GPA

- 15 sports maintain a 3.0 or higher cumulative GPA

- 15 sports had a 3.0 or higher semester GPA

- S-A Cumulative GPA: 2.9995

- S-A Semester GPA: 2.9785