Membership Renewal Changes

Beginning with the Annual Fund Drive for the 2009 fiscal Year, seat related gifts will no longer be a part of the season ticket renewal applications. Donors will now send all gifts, including those that are seat related directly to the Spartan Fund Office, rather than the Spartan Ticket Office.

The Spartan Fund Office will send out an annual statement of support each spring that provides a comprehensive view of your giving during the previous fiscal year.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why should I contribute?

The Spartan Fund supports the academic and athletic endeavors of over 800 student-athletes. Without your support, MSU coaches and student-athletes would not be able to compete at the highest levels. MSU Athletics relies solely on donations, ticket revenue, etc. to financially support student-athlete scholarships, the operational budgets of 25 varsity sports, and facilities. Each donation to the Spartan Fund is tax-deductible.

MSU Athletics receives no funding from the state of Michigan or the university which is why private donations are critical to the success of each athletic program. Make a difference and "Invest in Champions"!

2) How can I contribute?

Making a donation is easy. Please visit to set-up your DonorNet account today! Once your account is set-up, you will be able to make contributions, view your entire giving history with MSU Athletics, view your donor rank, and update your contact information.

You may also call the Spartan Fund to make a contribution or help set-up your DonorNet account. Please call (517) 432-4610 to speak with a Spartan Fund representative or send an e-mail to

3) When do I need to contribute?

The Spartan Fund operates on a fiscal year from July 1 - June 30. Any donation made during that time qualifies you for benefits starting the next July 1. For example, if a donation was made In October 2009, you can begin to receive Spartan Fund benefits beginning July 1, 2010.

4) What benefits can I receive?

As a Spartan Fund member, you are eligible for first priority for postseason tickets, away game tickets, parking privileges and more. Please visit our benefits chart for more detail to see what benefits are available to you as a Spartan Fund member.

5) I am required to pay a scholarship seating gift for my season tickets. Does my scholarship seating gift count toward Spartan Fund membership?

Yes. Your scholarship seating gift counts towards your Spartan Fund membership. For example, if you have two (2) seats in Zone A for football, your seats require a $1,000 contribution. This gift counts toward Spartan Fund membership and gives you Captains Club status.

All scholarship seating gifts, along with any other seat-related gifts, are 80% tax-deductible.

6) When is my scholarship seating gift due?

All scholarship seating gifts, or seat-related gifts, are due by May 1.

7) Will the Spartan Fund provide renewal statements?

Yes. The Spartan Fund provides its members will statements and reminders throughout the year. Look for renewals to be sent in late fall and in the spring.