A $200 million goal for the future of MSU Athletics.
$100,000,000 - 50% Annual Gifts & Premium Seating
$50,000,000 - 25% Endowed Coaching Positions & Student-Athlete Scholarships
$50,000,000 - 25% Capital Projects

Momentum is all about preserving Michigan State University's winning history while providing the necessary support to take our athletics program to new heights. The reality is, while our student-athletes succeed in competitions and in the classroom and our University receives international recognition for its programs, our alumni and private support of athletics needs to continue to grow in order to maintain and enhance this pursuit of excellence.

We need your help and the help of your fellow alumni to build a foundation that allows all of our varsity programs to continue to compete at championship levels well into the future. Our coaches, alumni, fans and certainly our world-class student-athletes deserve the support and resources required to win every time they step on the field or enter the classroom.

Our goal is ambitious, no doubt. Yet, it represents the reality of today's competitive athletic environment. Like a cool, crisp Saturday in the fall, we must create the ideal environment to support and inspire the next generation of student-athletes in their quest to claim victory for MSU.

Download: MSU Spartan For Life Athletic Endowments.pdf


"A Spartan for Life"
Endowments for Student-Athlete Scholarships & Coaching Continuity

An endowed gift supplies Michigan State University's Department of Intercollegiate Athletics with a perpetual source of income that provides the resources needed to attract and retain the nation's top athletes and coaches. These funds exist to meet the ongoing needs of MSU's varsity sports, and in fact are the lifeblood of the Spartan athletic programs.

As recent history suggests, Spartan Athletics is clearly on a roll and the Spartan Fund aims to establish a program, coaching and scholarship endowments for all 25 of our varsity sports to keep the MOMENTUM going.

How Endowments Work

Endowments are long-term accounts with a minimum balance requirement, in which the principal is invested and earned income distributed. MSU's endowment accounts are pooled and invested as one Common Investment Fund. Currently, a portion of this annual income - which averaged 8.4% of the endowment pool's market value over the last ten years - is distributed in accordance with guidelines set by the donor. The University programmatic spending rate currently stands at 5%. Net returns in excess of the spending rate increase the market value of the endowment pool. The pool is invested over an infinite amount time horizon with the goal of maintaining the value in real terms, thus providing a steady flow of income. In this respect, an endowment is a perpetual gift.


Types of Endowments / Gift Levels

A gift of $1 million or more will contribute significantly to endowing a Coach's salary in a specific sport. As with endowing a scholarship, you have the opportunity to name your chosen coaching position, further demonstrating your commitment to Spartan Athletics.

Head Football Coach: $5 Million
Head Men's Basketball Coach: $5 Million
Head Hockey Coach: $2 Million
Head Women's Basketball Coach: $2 Million
Head Coach (All other sports): $1 Million
Assistant Coach (Football, Basketball, Hockey): $500,000

Scholarship Endowment

Endowed scholarships support student-athletes directly by underwriting essential costs including tuition, room and board, and books. A fully endowed scholarship allows a student-athlete to focus on success in the classroom and on the field. While the Spartan student might work full- or part-time to pay for college, our student-athletes aren't afforded that opportunity. Practice, games, community service and media events fill a plate already full with academic requirements, putting tremendous demands on schedules. Please help the MSU Athletics family meet the needs of our student athletes by providing a self-sustaining scholarship.

Named Position Scholarship: $350,000 To fully endow a scholarship, designated sport and position
Named Athletic Scholarship: $50,000 - $349,000 Named general scholarship in a specific sport
Ralph Young Endowment: Gifts of less than $50,000 will become part of the Ralph Young Endowment

The Cost

In-State Out-of-State
Tuition $9,762 $24,918
Housing $8,504 $8,504
Books $500 $500
TOTAL $18,766 $33,922

Program Endowment

A program endowment is a self-sustaining source of funding that supports operational expenses including travel, recruiting and equipment. Endowment assets are invested and each year a portion of the value of the fund is used to support ongoing needs within a specific sport through discretionary spending. Endowment returns ensure perpetual support, and in turn, create a strong foundation on which to build and sustain championship programs.

Each program is held responsible for some of its operating expenses year after year, including facility enhancements, academic support, etc. As these needs change over time, we look to our program endowments to provide income and support that allows our programs to succeed as they head into the future.

Football Program Endowment: $5 Million
Men's Basketball Program Endowment: $5 Million
Hockey Program Endowment: $3 Million
Women's Basketball Program Endowment: $3 Million
All Other Sports Program Endowment: $1 Million

Gifts of $50,000 - $999,999 can be directed towards existing programs

Recognizing Your Generosity

Michigan State University's Department of Intercollegiate Athletics acknowledges the generosity of our benefactors in a number of ways, including game programs, videoboard announcements, website recognition, and visibility in other public spaces. Perhaps the most important recognition is the stewardship and carefully management by MSU takes very seriously in order to build the University's programs and help secure the future in a way that makes us proud.

Donor Stewardship Opportunities

Each year, MSU Athletics will provide opportunities for our endowment donors to learn about the programs that their gift is directly supporting. In addition, donors are provided opportunities to interact with our student-athletes and coaches to express their personal thanks to donors who have supported them.

Permanent Recognition

Part of the vision for MSU's Department of Intercollegiate Athletics includes plans for an area which will help us recognize our endowment donors in an appropriate manner for their invaluable support. More information about this unique and highly visible donor recognition opportunity is available through the Spartan Fund.

How You Can Make This Gift

There are many ways to establish an endowment, and the arrangements for every gift can be personalized to fit your specific needs. Gifts of cash and securities are traditional forms of support; however, planned gifts including bequests, charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts may allow you to make significant contributions that may not otherwise be possible during your lifetime. All endowment gifts are 100% tax deductable.

The MOMENTUM at MSU is real, so we thank you in advance for considering additional support of Spartan Athletics at this crucial time.

Capital Projects

Spartan Stadium Football Enhancement

Spartan Stadium is the Big Ten's fifth-largest venue, hosting a sea of nearly 80,000 green and white faithful on fall weekends. The expansion in 2005 added nearly 3,000 seats, luxury boxes, club seats and a host of new amenities that have enhanced the MSU football experience for many.

However, the original stadium was built in the 1920's, so in addition to the ongoing maintenance requirements of a century-old facility, our beloved football stadium requires a number of improvements to allow fans a more comfortable experience, including: widening of concourses, revamping of existing bathrooms and construction of new restrooms, redesign of all entrance plaza areas, renovation of existing concessions areas, and a new video scoreboard and sound reinforcement.

In addition to fan-facing improvements, the Spartan Fund will lead the construction of a new game day locker room equipped with modern amenities that allow our players to perform at their peak.

A recruiting lounge will be constructed to allow the nation's most talented prep football players a unique view of the spectacle that is Spartan Football to continue our momentum in fielding the best possible team.

Finally, MSU will install a state-of-the-art "Field Turf" to its outdoor practice field to allow for better game preparation.

Munn Ice Arena Enhancement

Munn Ice Arena first opened its doors in 1974. Since that time it has served Michigan State Hockey well and has required a minimal number of facility upgrades throughout the years. However, the time has come for improvements.

Most significantly, Munn Arena will be fully converted to a Freon-based playing surface to a more sustainable ammonia/glycol system to fall in step with Michigan State University's increasingly global outlook and the priority it places on environmentally-friendly practices. MSU currently ranks among the nation's top five campuses for sustainability.

In addition, the following upgrades are planned for Munn Arena

  • Facelifts to the coach and player's areas
  • Construction of a Spartan Hockey Hall of History
  • New scoreboard and sound reinforcement system
  • Weight and locker room enhancements
  • Additional coach and administrative offices
  • Longer-term structural upgrades will be addressed