The Scholarship Seating program generates funding for scholarship support for over 750 student-athletes competing on 25 teams. All monies raised via the Scholarship Seating program go directly towards the estimated $9 Million scholarship cost for our students incurred this year. This provides many Spartan fans the opportunity to get great seats while providing scholarship assistance for all our deserving student-athletes.

Despite escalating costs, the Spartan Fund helps to provide the resources necessary to run a comprehensive and competitive athletic program at the Big Ten and national level. We need your support more than ever to help provide much needed scholarship support.

All seats in the Scholarship Seating zones are allocated based on your Spartan Fund membership level and university giving totals. Your seat location will be determined according to seat availability and your priority relative to any one else requesting seats in the Scholarship Seating zones.

If you are interested in securing your seats in the Scholarship Seating program, please contact the Spartan Fund at (517) 432-4610.

2010 Premium Seating brochure 

The seats listed below are located in the Scholarship Seating Zone. The required per-seat gift in each section is as follows:

Zone A - $500 per seat (*limited availability)
Zone B - $300 per seat
Zone C - $200 per seat


Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a member of the Spartan Fund and give money every year for a specific sport, does that money count toward my Scholarship Seating contribution for my Football season tickets?

No. Your Scholarship Seating contribution associated with your football season tickets must be designated to the Scholarship Seating Program (listed as Football Special Projects on your gift tax receipt). This is directly applied to support the scholarship fund which services 25 varsity sports and over 800 student-athletes. Gifts donated for specific sport programs, specific support services, Sideline Club seating, Munn Club and Munn Suites, Basketball Special Projects and Courtside Seating or any other specific building project or endowment fund will NOT count toward your Scholarship Seating contribution.

If I contribute to the Spartan Fund in advance of the seat contribution payments to renew my annual membership, can the money be applied to my Scholarship Seating contribution? For example, if I donated $1000 in December and I owe $1500 annually for my three season tickets...can I give the additional $500 with my football season ticket renewal application in May?

Yes. Your gifts must be designated for the appropriate Scholarship Seating allocation that you want the money to count towards (Basketball or Football). All Football Scholarship Seating contributions must be in by the season ticket deadline.

Can I get a season parking pass for football with my Scholarship Seating contribution?

Yes. Your Scholarship Seating contribution will make you eligible for a number of Spartan Fund annual membership benefits including Priority Parking. All Spartan Fund members are eligible to purchase a season parking pass in the priority parking areas. Passes are allocated according to availability in each parking area. Available passes are allocated according to Spartan Fund priority. A request for a specific parking area does not guarantee you will receive your first preference. Please visit our Donor parking page for additional information regarding parking locations, pricing, and membership level requirements.


The Sideline Club seating area is comprised of 1,174 chairback seats between the 20 yard lines on each side of Spartan Stadium. Sideline Club seats require a minimum tax-deductible contribution* according to the following structure:

Sideline Club members receive the following:

If you would like to place your name on the waiting list for new Sideline Club season tickets, please contact the Spartan Fund at (517) 432-4610.