The following chart illustrates the priority allocation of ticket requests (season, single game, and post-season). Members of the Spartan Fund, who are also a member of a University Donor Society, will be allocated tickets based on the higher of the two levels according to the following structure.

Please contact Tim Day in the Spartan Fund if you have any questions about your membership level, or if you would like to join one of the Spartan Fund membership levels or University Donor Societies.

Intercollegiate Athletics Ticket Allocation Schedule*

Champions Circle $25,000+ Athletic Donor
Scholarship Level $10,000 Athletic Donor
Beal Society $10M UD Donor
Williams Society $5M UD Donor
Wharton Society $2.5M UD Donor
Kedzie Society $1M UD Donor
Directors Club $5,000 Athletic Donor
Shaw Society $500,000 UD Donor
Abbot Society $250,000 UD Donor
Honorary Coaches Club $2,000 Athletic Donor
Snyder Society $100,000 UD Donor
Hannah Society $50,000 UD Donor
Captains Club $1,000 Athletic Donor
Beaumont Tower Society $25,000 UD Donor
Green & White Club $500 Athletic Donor
Sparty Club $250 Athletic Donor
Presidents Club $10,000 UD Donor
Ralph Young Club $100 Athletic Donor

*Spartan Fund annual membership levels are bold and italicized. University Donor Society lifetime giving recognition level are standard font