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Coach G's Blog: 2013 Heusner Award Winners

Head coach Matt Gianiodis is in his ninth season at the helm the Spartans.

Jan. 17, 2013

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I want to thank all of the fans and supporters who came to both meets this past weekend. We do appreciate the support and it makes a huge difference to our team to have people come out and cheer them on.

This week I would like to announce the Bill Heusner Service Award winners for 2013. The award will be given during the 2013 Alumni meet on Homecoming in October of this year. This is the 12th year we have given out the award and it recognizes people who express service to our program.

Our 2013 winners are below with a very brief summary of their ties to our program.

Dale and Jill Becker: Dale and Jill are the parents of Lauren Becker '05. They have been supporters of the program for many years and they are true Spartan fans.

Gail Dummer: Gail has been a long time ardent supporter of our program and she has been helpful in so many ways. She has gone well above the standard as the meet director for our summer Long Course meet which raises money for the Munley Scholarship.

Lance Thompson: Lance used the IM west pool to work out daily and by chance he became friends with our coaching staff- starting first with Rich Mull. Since then, he has been a huge supporter of our team and our program at large.

Dave and Elaine Yocum: Dave and Elaine are the parents of Andrea Yocum '05. They have been steady supporters of the program and more specifically of me. They are also responsible for keeping me fed on football Saturdays.

I am very proud to have these six people to become Heusner Award winners this October. Bill Heusner was a selfless volunteer to both Michigan State and Big 10 swimming and diving. It is a privilege for our program to honor his name every year by recognizing great people whose support we just couldn't exist without.



Below is a list of every Heusner Award winner:

Oct. 19, 2002
Bill Heusner (posthumously)

Oct. 4, 2003
Dick & Jane Farnsworth
Dr Gary Dilley

Oct. 16, 2004
Geraldine James
C. James Clemens
Dr. Larry Sierra

Oct. 22, 2005
Jane Hoag DeMarchi
Anne MacCaskill
Jack Seibold

Sept. 30, 2006
Jack Beattie
Tosh Imai
Marc Stiner

Oct. 13, 2007
Dan Batchelor
Kent Johnson
The Munley Family

Oct. 4, 2008
Don Patterson
Bob Jones
George Kruggel
Jennifer Parks
Rick Edwards

Oct. 17, 2009
Shawn Elkins
Samuel Kasley III and Lori-Stark Kasley
The Mull Family
Coach John Narcy
Margaret Smith

Oct. 16, 2010
Wally Dobler
Mark Holdridge
Dr David and Beth McCaffree
Pat and Mary Tyrrell
George and Peggy Wedgworth
James and Mary Yeomans

Oct. 22, 2011
Coach Fetters and family
Michael and Lisa Habel
Don and Roberta Morey
Mr and Mrs David Polk
Mr Jim Thurston

Oct. 13, 2012
Dave Berger
Karen Langeland
Jane Myers
Bob Rex
John St. John

We have a swim meet this weekend at Bowling Green University. Our women will be taking on Bowling Green and Buffalo and our men will dual Buffalo only. The meet starts at 1 p.m. and I invite anyone who lives in the area to come out and support the Spartans.

I would like to congratulate Kate (Duncombe) Ellington ,03 who is expecting her first child in April. Very excited for her and her family.

I want to thank Tom Anastos and the entire MSU Hockey program for allowing me to be their guest coach last Saturday night. It was nice to be behind the bench for a 4-1 win Bover the Irish.

Until next time,

Matt G

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