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Swimming and Diving Updates from the Desk of Matt Gianiodis

March 2, 2007

We have seven divers competing this weekend at the NCAA regional at U of M in Ann Arbor. Katie Edwards, Amy Schmidt, Allie Sayers and Matt Akerly are competing in their final regional meet. We are keeping our fingers crossed that our divers do their best.

As we roll into spring, I want to pay tribute to Richard Mull. Coach Mull has occupied the fourth assistant position for the last seven years. He has made me sane and insane--sometimes in the same minute. He is the greatest coach I have ever worked with. He holds the love of every swimmer/athlete he comes in contact with.

In October 2003, I asked Rich to come to the Indiana football game. I had just been named interim head coach of the team, and I was doing my best sales job to get him to come back. In many ways, Rich saved me that year, and I am always indebted for that.

I want to highlight some of his tenure here since 2000.

First and foremost, he acquired a family member when his son Cameron married Ildiko Szekely.

He also became a grandpa three times over while working for the Spartans.

Richard coached multiple NCAA qualifiers, and he got the chance to see his son Cameron be coached by his other son Iian at the 2004 Olympic Trials.

He has seen many of his swimmers move on to become great people, and he has been a big part of their maturation.

Coach Richard Mull is a true Spartan in everything he does.

He will be missed.

Until next time,
Matt G



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