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Coach G's Blog: Year-End Banquet - Hang It Up, Hang It Up

Head coach Matt Gianiodis is in his ninth season as head coach of the Spartans.

April 19, 2013

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This Sunday we have our annual awards banquet in the Kellogg Center. I will be sure to publish the award winners next week. We will have 10 new recipients of the Golden Spike. Each of them will hear “hang it up” as they celebrate the last thing they do as MSU Varsity Swimmers and Divers. We will have videos and photos of the banquet on all of our sites.

Hang it up, Hang it up
-Jack Seibold

The thrills of victory, the tears of defeat, The sights and sounds of a swimming meet. This is the heritage of a contest we love, Struggling swimmers in water, twisting divers above. Yet for each competitor the time must come, When memoirs are woven from ribbons he’s won.

‘Tis time Old Veteran, Hang it up, hang it up.

The workouts are tedious, it’s no longer fun, Once easy victories have become hard won. Tired you are of stroking and kicking, Tired you are of taking a licking. You’ve had your fill of distance and dashes, And most of all hearing about teenage flashes.

‘Tis time Old Veteran, Hang it up, hang it up.

Or’ a year long season boredom is assured, As monotonous daily workouts go undisturbed. Your limbs are fatigued, your senses rebel, As you mentally prepare for that final farewell. Ah…those glorious moments are melting away, As more you recall yesterday.

‘Tis time Old Veteran, Hang it up, hang it up.

So with tumult still ringing in your ears, In retrospect you look back in years. A question prevails that one must submit, Was dedication to swimming really all worth it? Yes …yes the answer echoes back as if in a plan, Suddenly you realize swimming’s made you a man.



Good luck, Old Veteran, Hang it up, hang it up.

Until next time,

Matt G

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