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Coach G's Blog: Alumni Meet Wrap Up

The Tosh Imai Memorial Plunge Award

Oct. 18, 2012

We had a nice time last week at the alumni meet and I want to especially thank all of you who ventured through the rain to come to the back entrance of IM West to participate in the meet.  By our count, we had 80 alums at the meet and we had a number of former parents make it to the meet, as well

I want to thank Mrs. Ellie Heusner who at 85 years old made it to the meet in order to help present Dr. Heusner's award to Karen Langeland , Dave Berger and Jennifer Parks.

I want to thank Susan Eareckson who provided the trophy's honoring Tosh Imai in the plunge this year. Congrats also to Jon Larocque '10 and George Kruggel  '82 for getting the length done and winning this year.

I want to thank all the alumni from 2005-2012. We had a fantastic showing by the under-30 crowd this year. I think the youthfulness led to the intensity of the straight up 50's, as well. Of course youth was well served when Mark Schramm '12 beat Alec Mull '94 in the special heat of the 50-freestyle.

We will for sure be adding the Brother alumnus vs. the Sister varsity next year when Senior to be Summer Strickler will race her brother Gabe in 2013!

We have a lot of videos and pictures posted on all of sites- I encourage you to visit them and we also have t-shirts left over from the meet- please go to our facebook page and get the details on how to get one.

This Friday we have our annual meet against Iowa that starts at 4 p.m. Please come out and support the Spartans if you are in the area.

Good luck to the Spartan football team in Ann Arbor this weekend. Go get that fifth straight!

Until next week,

Matt G



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