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Swimming and Diving Updates from the Desk of Matt Gianiodis

Nov. 15, 2006

In the course of every college season there are different hurdles to get over, and sometimes through. For a Spartan swimmer one of the more notable hurdles is the final outdoor practice. This year, that date was Nov. 4. As usual, the Saturday morning weather could be best described as crisp for that final swim practice. When the practice was completed the class of 2007 climbed up to the 10-meter tower and sang the fight song, marking the final time they would have to swim outdoors in the cold. (Although I did see Lindsay Rodin in the outdoor pool last week swimming laps.)

I wanted to make sure I thanked Jim Clemens for stopping by the pool with his family. He was up with his son and grandson to see the Spartan football game against Purdue. Jim and Wally Dobler are in the process of putting together the 50th reunion of the only men's Big Ten championship team in MSU history: the 1957 team. It looks as though it will be during the Varsity S alumni weekend, which is on the Pittsburgh football weekend, Sept. 14-15, 2007.

Now that football season is winding down, I want to thank all of our alumni and boosters who have hosted me and my staff at various tailgates. First, the Yocum family who set up their spread a stone's throw away from the outdoor pool. The Yocum's are always accompanied by the Becker's and they have incredible food. Then of course there is the Munley tailgate over at the Breslin lot; Tom serves host to a number of former swimmers and divers, and their tailgate is always a great time. I want to thank the guys from the 1970s who tailgate over by Kobs field; It was a great weekend during the "Golden Spike Reunion." We have had six great Saturday's this year and we look forward to next year.

It has been a good fall season to this point. We have had five swimmers move into the top-10 performances in school history. Starting this weekend, we have a big stretch of meets. In the next two weeks, our men will face three top-15 teams and our women will face two top-15 teams. I will post the results of both of the weekend meets next time.

I will also give an update on our recruiting next week, and who is in the class of 2011.

Until next time,
Matt G




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