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Coach G's Blog: Looking Forward to 2013

Head coach Matt Gianiodis is in his ninth season leading the Spartans

Dec. 13, 2012

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This will be the final post for 2012. It has been an incredible year for everyone involved in our program. I would like to take some time to reflect and thank some people who help make our program so successfully.

Number one on that list is the administration at Michigan State University who still find value in sponsoring swimming and diving at such a high level. Our athletic administration has supported us to huge heights this year. I want to especially thank Richard Bader who is now directly responsible administratively for our program. He is a great leader and we appreciate it.

I want to thank Nancy Wing, who has been our administrative assistant for 16 years and counting. Her day-to-day help is invaluable to our operation.

I want to thank all of our parents and fans who travel meet to meet to support the team. There is no question that we have a loud voice (minus all the obnoxiousness that other teams have) that is there to support the kids.

As always I want to thank the alumni of this program who give year after year unconditionally to help us be successful. I have been to weddings, baptisms, re-unions and you name it this year. It was awesome that the year literally began for me in the company of so many former swimmers at Adam Schmitt's Wedding in Grand Rapids, Mich.

I want to thank the best and most over-worked coaching staff in the country. Someday soon Kathleen will get her just rewards and have the ability to run a team of her own. Tim and Eric and Nicole have worked tirelessly this year, as well.

As we move into 2013, we have a lot to look forward to as well. In January, we will announce our 11th Heusner Award recipients. In February, we will represent MSU well at both Big Ten meets.  In March we plan to be at the NCAA meets in Indianapolis. In April, we will hand out Golden Spikes to eight deserving seniors and in May, six of those seniors will graduate and be on their way to do great things. In June, we will be back in Indianapolis for the World Championship Trials.



Through it all, I am grateful and humbled by the support from all of you who care so deeply about Michigan State Swimming and Diving. I am amazed how quickly the semesters go by and I am very excited for 2013. I am hoping for all of you a great and prosperous 2013.

I do want to congratulate Crissy (Spaulding) Preston on the birth of her daughter last week.

Until next year,

Matt G

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