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Swimming & Diving

Women's Swimming Big Ten Champions

50 Freestyle

197334.05Jane Waldie
197824.71Melinda Whitcomb
198523.70Mary Rozman
198723.30Mary Rozman

100 Freestyle

197157.3Pam Kruse

200 Freestyle

19712:03.2Pam Kruse
19722:08.1Jane Waldie
19732:04.91Cheryl Solomon
19821:50.83Martha Jahn

500 Freestyle

19824:50.89Martha Jahn
1985Mary Rozman

50 Butterfly *

198026.09Linda Mrosko

100 Butterfly

19711:02.9Marilyn Corson
19721:02.2Marilyn Corson
19751:00.66Vicki Riebeling
19761:00.70Sue Tilden

200 Butterfly

19822:02.29Martha Jahn

50 Backstroke *

197230.9Cheryl Solomon
197529.48Lynn Hughes

100 Backstroke

19741:05.75Cheryl Solomon
19751:02.93Lynn Hughes
199755.93Jami Archambault

200 Backstroke

19772:09.83Karen Heath

50 Breaststroke *

197732.38Kathy Kolon

100 Breaststroke

19731:14.52Jane Waldie
19771:09.03Kathy Kolon
19791:08.42Kathy Kolon

200 Breaststroke

19772:28.12Kathy Kolon
19792:26.48Kathy Kolon

100 Individual Medley *

19711:06.5Marilyn Corson
19721:04.5Marilyn Corson

200 Individual Medley

19712:21.0Marilyn Corson
19722:21.8Jane Waldie
19862:04.95Mary Schoenle

200 Freestyle Relay

19741:44.22Dawn Jacobs

Lucy Johnson

Rebecca Lunsford

Vicki Riebeling
19751:41.15Rebecca Hastings

Dawn Jacobs

Vicki Riebeling

Karen Waite
19871:33.67Ann Agar

Dyne Burrell

Mary Rozman

Mary Schoenle

400 Freestyle Relay

19713:35.2Marilyn Corson

Linda Gustavson

Ellen Harrison

Pam Kruse
19753:43.22Kathy Barrett

Rebecca Hastings

Lynn Hughes

Vicki Riebeling
19863:25.80Jennifer Collette

Wendy Ingraham

Mary Rozman

Mary Schoenle

200 Medley Relay

19751:55.28Suzy Brevitz

Lynn Hughes

Christine Swendiman

Karen Waite

400 Medley Relay

19724:32.2Marilyn Corson


Cheryl Solomon

Jane Waldie
19754:11.7Suzy Brevitz

Lynn Hughes

Bernadine Kenny

Vicki Riebeling

One-Meter Diving

1973467.65Jane Manchester
1974449.60Jane Manchester
1989485.43Julie Farrell (11)
1990450.72Julie Farrell (11)
1991460.11Julie Farrell (11)
2001299.35Summer Mitchell (6)

Three-Meter Diving

1974493.70Jane Manchester
1991517.95Julie Farrell
2001507.95Carly Weiden
2002519.85Carly Weiden

* - Denotes event no longer exists.

NOTE: Women's athletics were officially incorporated into the Big Ten Conference in 1981-82.


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