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Track Quotes: Week 8

Assistant Coach John Newell

April 12, 2012

EAST LANSING, MICH. - Quotes from program after the Spartan Invitational.

Walt Drenth
(Director of Track & Field)

On getting some of his athletes out of their comfort zones in the Spartan Invitational by competing in races they are not accustomed to running:
"I think for the most part, we responded really well.  We had a lot of personal and season bests but more importantly, I felt like we were competitive.  The conditions were great and if we weren't going to run was going to be our fault.  I was pretty pleased with that little bit of progress."

On David Madrigal and Austin Wissler going stride-for-stride in the 1500 meters at the Spartan Invitational:
"(laughs) I think if Austin had another turn at it would have been a different race.  That was Austin's first 1500 of his career.   David had two strong 1500's the week before but Austin has made a tremendous amount of progress in a short period of time.   I told him he'd be 200 meters ahead of himself a year ago in high school.  I wasn't that surprised with David's performance and the outcome of the race."
On the difficult training of last week and team preparation for the Jesse Owens Classic:
"What we set up last week was absolute preparation for this weekend.  Our goal was to run shorter races in an effort to prepare them for a longer race.  Yes - we did have a high level, high intensity week of training.  We didn't back off entirely this week.  With as much time as we have, we are not scaling back that much, but we do want their legs under them.  This weekend (Jesse Owens Classic) is a big competition and we have two or three chances throughout the course of the year - the first chance being the North Carolina State meet (two weekends ago) to prove ourselves.  We kind of go on a every other week basis, focusing on really primary meets.  This meet, the Jesse Owens Classic, is a primary meet.  But I think that's true for all of the events.  I don't want to say we are going to be a bit rested but we are going to be little bit more unloaded for competition."

John Newell (Assistant Coach/Throws)

On the overall performance of the men and women throwers at the Spartan Invitational:
"The women did a good job competing.  We've been working pretty hard in our training especially the technical aspects of the throw and it was good to see them work on that (at the Invitational)."

On Jay Gillespie's performance in the hammer throw:
"(Today's throw) was a lifetime PR for him, so anytime you can have a personal best it's always good.  He's been throwing much further in training.  We had talk in the final rounds just about competing and he did a great job setting up in his last round throw - which was his PR."

On Gillespie's progression towards the bigger meets at the end of the season:
"I fully expect him to be a top five guy in the nation by the time it's all said and done. Right now, he's been in some very heavy training and for him to come out and compete like this - he did a pretty good job all things considered."

Jay Gillespie
(Personal Record in the Hammer Throw)

On his personal record in the hammer throw:
"I knew I was going to PR today.   I thought it was going to be by a little bit more because I've been training pretty well.  I'm happy with putting together a throw that is further than I've ever thrown in competition before.  However, I feel there is a lot more in the tank."

On staying sharp in the time off between indoor and outdoor:
"I'm kind of one of those types that never wants a week off, ever.  I just want to compete as much as I can.  This is not a bad start for me (in outdoor competition) and I plan to improve a great deal."



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