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Senior Profile: Logan Lynch

Senior Logan Lynch

May 3, 2012

By Sarah Malone, MSU Athletic Communications

EAST LANSING, MICH. - Michigan State pole vaulter Logan Lynch has always enjoyed living life close to the edge.  From a young age, he was drawn to taking risks and engaging in activities that others are typically afraid to try.  

Lynch began his pole vaulting career during middle school track when a friend convinced him to the join the team.  At the time, Lynch was involved with motocross racing and didn’t really have much interest in joining the track team, until he witnessed someone pole vault at practice. He was immediately drawn to track’s most dangerous event, and wanted to learn more.  Used to the thrills of motocross, Lynch was not at all intimidated at the prospect of launching himself 15 feet into the air at the end of a thin pole.

 “Some of the jumps I did during motocross would make pole vault seem like a walk on the beach,” said Lynch. “I would fly up to a triple or table top on a hundred pound bike and would jump 20 feet in the air and 80 feet in distance.”

When Lynch reached high school, he realized that pole vaulting was his calling. He participated in football, wrestling, and motocross, but he knew his future was in track and field.  That feeling proved to be accurate.  Lynch would go on to become the 2007 state outdoor track and field champion and the 2005, 2006, and 2007 state indoor champion.  Lynch left his mark at Bedford High School by setting a new record at 4.91m (16-1 3/10 ft).

As a recent state champion, Lynch could have vaulted at the collegiate level anywhere, but his heart led him to Michigan State after a meeting with Coach Chris Bostwick.   Lynch also wanted to be a part of the rebuilding process of the track and field program here at MSU.

“I really felt a close connection with Coach B,” said Lynch. “I heard they were trying to rebuild the program and instead of just being another vaulter at another school, I actually wanted to be a part of something huge and monumental for the university.”

Lynch’s close relationship with Bostwick has endured, and he is thankful to have someone so inspiring in his life to look up to and call a friend.

“He is one of the closest people to a father like figure in my life,” said Lynch. “There were people there for me, but for someone outside of my nuclear and extended family to take that role is a true blessing.”

Lynch’s teammates’ devotion to track and field set a great example for him.

“I came to MSU with respectable achievements in high school and I progressed physically by getting stronger and faster and mentally by overcoming obstacles,” said Lynch. “The biggest thing was how committed I became to the sport because of the passion and desire I saw amongst people I am with 24/7 and that I can proudly call teammates, and more importantly, family.”

Lynch thinks his biggest obstacle is himself. He has encountered some injuries like muscle pulls or tears, but he says his mental struggles hindered him more than his physical injuries.   He credits his coaching staff and teammates for helping him to overcoming his struggles.

“It’s not teammates or just people, it is legitimately family,” said Lynch. “I would go as far as I have to for any of these people and I know they would do the same.”

Lynch participates in both indoor and outdoor meets. During indoor meets vaulters compete in a much more controlled environment, as opposed to outdoor meets where weather plays a huge factor in vaulting.  Never one to step away from a challenge, Lynch isn’t afraid of the weather and enjoys taking his chances outside.

“I hope for the nicest day, but there are times when there is a bad day and I still enjoy jumping just as much,” Lynch said.

A big part of Lynch’s personality is that he always wants to make sure he is having fun. He enjoys pole vaulting, but when the audience gets involved he gets even more excited.

The Michigan State pole vaulter also enjoys watching others succeed. He wants his teammates to improve just as much as he wants himself to improve. Lynch’s favorite moments at MSU all have involved his track family and their overall accomplishments as a team.

“Honestly all of my best memories at MSU have nothing to do with me and my event alone,” Lynch said. “I especially like seeing people break through after they have gone through downs, even though that’s not me it’s one of the coolest things to witness.”

As Lynch reaches the close of his college pole vaulting career he is uncertain what the future holds.  He will graduate in May with an undergraduate degree in Communication.  Lynch has applied to several jobs, but his dream would be to jump high enough to get a contract or go post collegiate with a club.

“I would love to continue pole vaulting, honestly not for the money or the publicity but for the pure passion, desire, and love I have for the event,” said Lynch. 



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