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Men's National Honors

Shane Knoll
Shane Knoll
Marshall Dill
Marshall Dill
Andy Lixey
Andy Lixey
Brad Fields
Brad Fields
Herb Washington
Herb Washington
Anthony Hamm
Anthony Hamm



2018 Tim Ehrhardt (Second Team) Pole Vault
Nick Guerrant (Second Team) Heptathlon
2017 Tim Ehrhardt Pole Vault
2016 Connor Kostrzewa (Second Team) Weight Throw
Vinny Gjokaj (Second Team) Weight Throw
2015 Tim Ehrhardt Heptathlon
Antonio James (Second Team) Weight Throw
2014 Antonio James Weight Throw
Antonio James Shot Put (Second Team)
Kurt Schneider (Second Team) Heptathlon
Caleb Rhynard (Second Team) 3,000-meter
2013 Antonio James Weight Throw
Lonnie Pugh (Honorable Mention) Weight Throw
2012 Lonnie Pugh Weight Throw
Zack Hill Shot Put
Jay Gillespie (Second Team) Weight Throw
2011 Lonnie Pugh Weight Throw
Zack Hill (Second Team) Shot Put
2010 Kyron Foster Triple Jump
2009 Shane Knoll Mile
2006 Brad Gebauer Pole Vault
2002 Paul Terek Decathlon
Steve Sherer 3,000 meters
2001 Paul Terek Pole Vault
Steve Manz Shot Put
Andy Lixey 800 meters
1999 Jim Jurcevich 5,000 meters
Steve Schell 5,000 meters
Kyle Baker 3,000 meters
1998 Jim Jurcevich 5,000 meters
1997 Kyle Baker 3,000 meters
1996 Brad Fields 200 meters
1995 Brad Fields 200 meters
1994 Brad Fields 200 meters
1991 Chris Brown 4x800-meter Relay
Rick Gledhill 4x800-meter Relay
Todd Koning 4x800-meter Relay
Chris Rugh 4x800-meter Relay
1987 Tim Simpson 1,500 meters
1983 Eliot Tabron 440 yards
Sanders 600 meters
Marcus Sanders 4x400-meter Relay
Kelvin Scott 4x400-meter Relay
Eliot Tabron 4x400-meter Relay
Corky Wilkins 4x400-meter Relay
1978 Dennis Lewis High Jump
1977 Randy Smith 60 yards
1974 Bob Cassleman 600 yards
1973 Marshall Dill 60 yards
Bob Cassleman 600 yard
1972 Ken Popejoy Mile
Herb Washington 60 yards
Bob Cassleman 600 yards
Alwin Henderson Mile Relay
Marshall Dill Mile Relay
Mike Murphy Mile Relay
Bob Cassleman Mile Relay
1970 John Mock 880 yards
Herb Washington 60 yards
Bill Wehrwein 600 yards
1968 Don Crawford Mile Relay
Dick Stevens Mile Relay
Pat Wilson Mile Relay
Bill Wehrwein Mile Relay
Roland Carter Pole Vault
1969 Bill Wehrwein 600 yards
Herb Washington 60 yards
1950 William Mack Mile


2017 Justine Kiprotich 1500 meters
Tim Ehrhardt (Second Team) Decathlon
Noah Gary (Second Team) Pole Vault
2015 Antonio James Discus
Tim Ehrhardt  Decathlon
Vinny Gjokaj (Honorable Mention) Hammer
2014 Kurt Schneider (Second Team) Decathlon
Antonio James (Honorable Mention) Shot Put, Discus
2013 Antonio James (Second Team) Discus
Caleb Rhynard (Second Team) 5,000 meters
Lonnie Pugh (Honorable Mention) Discus
Keenan Michael(Honorable Mention) 400-meter Hurdles
2012 Lonnie Pugh (Second Team) Discus
2011 Lonnie Pugh Discus
Codi Mattix (Second Team) Pole Vault
Zack Hill (Second Team) Shot Put
2003 Steve Manz Shot Put
2002 Paul Terek Decathlon
2001 Paul Terek Decathlon
2000 Steve Schell 10,000 meters
1999 Jim Jurcevich 10,000 meters
1998 Jim Jurcevich 10,000 meters
1997 Kyle Baker 5,000 meters
1991 Anthony Hamm 10,000 meters
1990 Anthony Hamm 10,000 meters
1983 Paul Piwinski High Jump
Marcus Sanders Mile Relay
Kelvin Scott Mile Relay
Eliot Tabron Mile Relay
Corky Wilkins Mile Relay
1982 Eliot Tabron 400 meters
1980 Paul Piwinski High Jump
1979 Keith Moore 1,000 yards
1973 Marshall Dill 220 yards
1973 Rob Cassleman 440 hurdles
1969 Bill Wehrwein 440 yards
1967 Bob Steele 440-yard hurdles
1966 Bob Steele 440-yard hurdles
1965 Daswell Campbell 440-yard relay
Clint Jones 440-yard relay
Jim Summers 440-yard relay
Gene Washington 440-yard relay
1956 Henry Kennedy 3,000-meter Steeplechase
Selwyn Jones 5,000 meters
Selwyn Jones 10,000 meters
1951 Bob Carey Shot Put

Great Lakes Assistant Coach of the Year

2011 John Newell
2013 Chris Bostwick

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