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Women's National Honors

Sevatheda Fynes
Sevatheda Fynes
Nicole Bush
Nicole Bush
Marcelle Kendall
Marcelle Kendall
Jamie Krzyminski
Jamie Krzyminski



2015 Leah O'Connor Mile
Tori Franklin (Second Team) Triple Jump
Rachele Schulist (Second Team) 3,000-meter
Aubrey Wilberding (Second Team) Distance Medley Relay
Alicia Evans (Second Team) Distance Medley Relay
Kennedy Beazley (Second Team) Distance Medley Relay
Katie Landwehr (Second Team) Distance Medley Relay
2014 Tori Franklin Triple Jump
Leah O'Connor Mile
Rachele Schulist (Second Team) 3,000-meter
2013 Beth Rohl Weight Throw
2012 Beth Rohl Weight Throw
Tori Franklin Triple Jump
Becca Buchholtz (Second Team) High Jump
2011 Beth Rohl Weight Throw
2008 Nicole Bush 5,000 meters
Nicole Bush 3,000 meters
2004 Jamie Krzyminski 5,000 meters
1997 Chandra Burns 200 meters
Stephanie Dueringer 5,000 meters
Sevatheda Fynes 55 meters
Sevetheda Fynes 200 meters
1996 Chandra Burns 200 meters
1994 Susan Francis 200 meters
1987 Odessa Smalls 55 meters
1981 Cheryl Gilliam 60 meters
Pam Sedwick 600 meters
Pam Sedwick Distance Medley Relay
Judi Brown Distance Medley Relay
Anne Pewe Distance Medley Relay
Kelly Spatz Distance Medley Relay


2017 Katelyn Daniels Discus
Jade Madison (Honorable Mention) Javelin
Hannah Sailar (Honorable Mention) Pole Vault
2016 Katelyn Daniels  Discus
Lauren Chorny (Second Team) Pole Vault
Rachele Schulist (Second Team) 10,000 meters
Katie Landwehr (Second Team) 3,000-meter Steeplechase
Alexis Wiersma (Second Team) 10,000 meters
Cynthia Watt (Honorable Mention) Hammer
Aubrey Wilberding (Honorable Mention) 800 meters
2015 Leah O'Connor  3,000-meter Steeplechase
Tori Franklin Triple Jump
Cynthia Watt (Second Team) Hammer 
Katelyn Daniels (Second Team) Discus
Rachele Schulist (Second Team) 5,000 meters
Alicia Evans (Second Team) 4x100-meter relay
Lauren Rose (Second Team) 4x100-meter relay
Jellisa Westney (Second Team) 4x100-meter relay
TeJuanna Williams (Second Team) 4x100-meter relay
Sarah Birkmeier (Honorable Mention) Pole Vault 
2014 Leah O'Connor 3,000-meter Steeplechase
Tori Franklin (Second Team) Triple Jump
Rachele Schulist (Second Team) 5,000-meter
2013 Tori Franklin Triple Jump
Leah O'Connor 3,000-meter Steeplechase
Beth Rohl Discus
Alysson Bodenbach (Second Team) 4x400-meter relay
Alicia Evans (Second Team) 4x400-meter relay
Jaelynn Pryor (Second Team) 4x400-meter relay
Jellisa Westney (Second Team) 4x400-meter relay
Sarah Birkmeier (Honorable Mention) Pole Vault
2012 Beth Rohl Discus
Tori Franklin (Second Team) Triple Jump
Leah O'Connor (Second Team) 3,000-meter Steeplechase
2011 Emily MacLeod 5,000m run
Beth Rohl Discus
Hammer Throw (Second Team)
Ashley Lawrence (Second Team) Discus
2010 Emily MacLeod 5,000m run
Beth Rohl Discus
2009 Nicole Bush 3,000-meter Steeplechase
Lisa Senakiewich 5,000m run
2007 Nicole Bush 3,000-meter Steeplechase
2006 Nicole Bush 3,000-meter Steeplechase
2004 Jamie Krzyminski 10,000 meters
Sherita Williams Triple Jump
2003 Jamie Krzyminski 10,000 meters
2002 Jamie Krzyminski 10,000 meters
Lynlee Phillips Javelin
Ann Somerville 3,000-meter Steeplechase
Sherita Williams Triple Jump
2000 Jennifer Denkins 10,000 meters
1997 Sevatheda Fynes 100 meters
Sevatheda Fynes 200 meters
Stephanie Dueringer 10,000 meters
1996 Chandra Burns 400 meters
1992 Sara Reichert 1,500 meters
1987 Mary Shea 10,000 meters
1986 Odessa Smalls 100 meters
Odessa Smalls 200 meters
1984 Karen Campbell 10,000 meters
Marcelle Kendall 400 meters
Marcelle Kendall 400-meter Relay
Connie Burnett 400-meter Relay
Joanna Childress 400-meter Relay
Odessa Smalls 400-meter Relay
1983 Judi Brown 400-meter Hurdles
Judi Brown 4x400-meter Relay
Julie Boerman 4x400-meter Relay
Candy Burkett 4x400-meter Relay
Jacqui Sedwick 4x400-meter Relay
1982 Anne Pewe 3,000 meters
Jill Washburn 10,000 meters
1977 Sue Latter 800 meters
1975 Karen Dennis 220 yards
Majorie Grimmett 220 yards
Karen Dennis 440-yard Relay
Laurel Vietzke 440-yard Relay
Majorie Grimmett 440-yard Relay
Laurel Vietzke Long Jump

Great Lakes Region Athlete of the Year

2011 Beth Rohl
2013 Tori Franklin (Field)
Leah O'Connor (Track)

Great Lakes Assistant Coach of the Year

2011 John Newell
2013 Chris Bostwick

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