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Men's Honors & Awards

Matt Bartlebaugh
Steve Sherer
Jim Stintzi

All-Great Lakes Region Team

2017 Morgan Beadlescomb
Max Benoit
Brayden Law
Clark Ruiz
2016 Sherod Hardt
Ryan Robinson
Clark Ruiz
Nick Soter
2015 T.J. Carey
Andrew Cusmano
Sherod Hardt
Caleb Rhynard
2014 Sherod Hardt
Ben Miller
Caleb Rhynard
Alex Wilson
2013 Caleb Rhynard
2012 Josh McAlary
Caleb Rhynard
Alex Wilson
2010 Patrick Grosskopf
2009 Spencer Beatty
Patrick Grosskopf
Josh McAlary
2007 Max Goldak
2006 Matt Bartlebaugh
Stephan Shay
Justin Zanotti
2005 Jim Pancoast
2004 Andy Marsh
Steve Sherer
2002 Andrew Alley
Andy Marsh
Chris Toloff
2001 Andrew Alley
Ben Evans
Andy Marsh
Jason Mueller
2000 Steve Padgett
Ben Evans
1997 Kyle Baker
Steve Schell
Chris Wehrman
Bill Schutt
1996 Kyle Baker
1995 Chris Lett
Pat Hoard
Ryan Kennedy

Great Lakes Regional Coach of the Year

2017 Walt Drenth

All-Big Ten

2017 Clark Ruiz
Morgan Beadlescomb
2016 Sherod Hardt
Ryan Robinson
2015 Clark Ruiz
2014 Caleb Rhynard
2013 Caleb Rhynard
2006 Stephan Shay
2004 Steve Sherer
2001 Ben Evans
Andy Marsh
Chris Toloff
2000 Steve Padgett
1998 Steve Schell
Ryan Taylor
1997 Kyle Baker
Jim Jurcevich
1996 Kyle Baker
Dean Rugh
1992 Dave Smith
1991 Anthony Hamm
Dave Smith
Ian Smith
1990 Dave Smith
Anthony Hamm
1988 Anthony Hamm

* Began in 1984

Big Ten Freshman of the Year

2011 David Madrigal
2000 Steve Padgett
1996 Joe Leo
1987 Anthony Hamm

Big Ten Coach of the Year

1988 Jim Stintzi
1987 Jim Stintzi

NCAA District IV Coach of the Year

1995 Jim Stintzi

Big Ten Conference Medal of Honor

(Awarded to a male and female at each conference institution for proficiency in scholarship and athletics)

1993 Dave Smith
1973 Ken Popejoy
1961 William Reynolds
1957 Sewlyn Jones

GTE Academic All-America

1993 Dave Smith (third team)

George Alderton Athlete of the Year
(Presented to the top male and female athlete at MSU.)

1992 Anthony Hamm

Chester Brewer Award
(Awarded to a graduating senior at MSU for athletic academic achievement and for possessing a high degree of character, leadership and personality.)

1997 Kyle Baker
1971 Kim Hartman
1960 Crawford Kennedy
1958 Dave Lean

Dr. James Feurig Award
(Awarded to a male or female graduating senior at MSU who is involved in athletics as a competitor in a supporting role and who best exemplifies the qualities and lofty ideals of the late Dr. Feurig, a long-time physician for MSU athletics.)

1977 Herb Lindsay

Gwen Norrell Hall of Fame Award
(Presented annually to the graduating senior with the highest cumulative grade-point average. It is named in honor Dr. Gwen Norrell, MSU's Faculty Athletics Representative from 1979-88.)

1993 Dave Smith

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