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Baseball Sweeps Doubleheader

April 23, 1998

MT. PLEASANT, Mich. - Michigan State slugged seven home runs as it swept Central Michigan in a doubleheader on Thursday afternoon, winning game one in dramatic fashion, 7(c)5, and winning the nightcap, 16(c)5.

The doubleheader victories push MSU's record over the .500 mark, as the Spartans are now 20(c)19 on the season, 7(c)9 in conference play. Central Michigan drops to 22(c)19.

With MSU trailing 5(c)4 heading into its final at(c)bat of game one, Carlos Fernandez knotted the score with a solo(c)blast to right(c)center. The next batter, Tom Grigg, gave the Spartans the lead with a home run down the left field line. Michigan State picked up an insurance run, as they won 7(c)5.

Brian Murphy (5(c)3) fanned five in six innings, giving up just three earned runs. Chris Yens came on to close the door in the seventh, as he posted his fifth save in five opportunities. Mark Mulder and Joe Kalczynski also went back(c)to(c)back for the Spartans in the fourth inning.

Game two featured a Spartan slugfest, as MSU banged out 15 hits and posted 16 runs. Fernandez, Tom Hartley and Mt. Pleasant native Joe Albaugh all homered for the Spartans, as MSU jumped out to a 9(c)0 lead in the third inning. That was all Spartan starter Mark Mulder (5(c)4) would need, as he didn't allow an earned run in six innings, fanning nine. With the whiffs, Mulder moved into third place on MSU's single(c)season strikeout list with 95.

Ryan Leson went 4(c)4 in game two, notching four RBI. Mike Pisani had three base hits, while Hartley, Albaugh and Ted Demetral each had a pair of hits.

MSU plays at home on Friday, as it hosts Indiana Tech at Kobs Field in a 2:00 p.m. doubleheader. Gary Zsigo and John Steiger will throw for the Spartans.

Michigan State          000 301 3     7  12  5
Central Michigan        101 030 0     5   9  2

MSU: MURPHY, Yens (7) and Kalczynski CMU: Dzingle, SMOOT (6) and Gragg HR: MSU: Fernandez (2), Grigg (2), Mulder (5), Kalczynski (2)

GAME TWO Michigan State 135 032 2 16 15 1 Central Michigan 004 010 0 5 5 3

MSU: MULDER, Reader (7) and Fernandez, Kalczynski (2) CMU: KIPLING, Fawcett (2), Latra (3), Uzarski (5) and Antcliff HR: MSU: Fernandez (3), Hartley (2), Albaugh (2) HR: CMU: Phillips (8)



MSU FOURTH: Dzingle pitching. Wagner reached on infield single. Mulder homered to right on a 1(c)1 pitch, Wagner scored. Kalczynski homered to left on 2(c)2 pitch. Hartley walked. Pisani singled, out 9(c)5(c)4 at second, Hartley moved to third. Leson flied out to center, Hartley out 8(c)2 at the plate. MSU 3(c)2.

MSU SIXTH: Dzingle pitching. Mulder doubled to center. Kalczynski tripled to the wall in right, Mulder scored. Smoot relieved Dzingle. Hartley grounded to second. Pisani reached second on fielders?? choice, Kalczynski out 6(c)2(c)5(c)1(c)6 in rundown between third and home. Zsigo pinch(c)hit for Leson. Zsigo struck out looking. CMU 5(c)4.

MSU SEVENTH: Smoot pitching. Demetral grounded to shortstop. Fernandez homered to right(c)center. Grigg homered down left(c)field line. Wagner reached on error by shortstop. Mulder struck out swinging. Wagner stole second. Kalczynski doubled to left, Wagner scored. Hartley popped out to third. MSU 7(c)5.


MSU FIRST: Kipling pitching. Fernandez homered to right(c)center. Grigg grounded to first. Wagner struck out swinging, out 2(c)3. Zsigo grounded to short. MSU 1(c)0.

MSU SECOND: Kipling pitching. Kalczynski singled. Hartley homered to center, Kalczynski scored. Albaugh struck out swinging. Pisani doubled to center. Fawcett relieved Kipling. Demetral grounded to third, Pisani moved to third. Leson pinch(c)hit for Fernandez. Leson singled to right(c)center, Pisani scored. Grigg walked, Leson to second. Wagner out on fielders?? choice, 4(c)6. MSU 4(c)0.

MSU THIRD: Fawcett pitching. Zsigo flied to right. Kalczynski reached on error by third baseman. Hartley walked, Kalczynski to second. Albaugh walked, Hartley to second, Kalczynski to third. Latra relieved Fawcett. Pisani singled, moved to second on error by pitcher, Kalczynski and Hartley scored, Albaugh to third, one RBI. Demetral doubled to left, Pisani and Albaugh scored. Leson singled to right, Demetral scored. Leson caught stealing, 2(c)3(c)4. Grigg struck out looking. MSU 9(c)0.

MSU FIFTH: Latra pitching. Albaugh homered to right. Pisani singled. Demetral doubled, Pisani to third. Leson singled up middle, Demetral and Pisani scored. Grigg grounded into 5(c)4(c)3 double play. Wagner flied to right. MSU 12(c)5.

MSU SIXTH: Latra pitching. Zsigo walked. Kalczynski reached second on error by right fielder, Zsigo to third. Hartley grounded to shortstop. Uzarski relieved Latra. Albaugh singled up middle, Zsigo and Kalczynski scored. Pisani reached on fielders?? choice, Albaugh out at second, 3(c)6. Pisani to second on wild pitch. Demetral popped to third. MSU 14(c)5.

MSU SEVENTH: Uzarski pitching. Leson singled. Grigg flied to right. Wagner walked, Leson to second. Zsigo reached on fielder??s choice, Wagner out at second, 6(c)4, Leson to third. Kalczynski walked, Zsigo to second. Hartley singled, Leson scored, Zsigo to third, Kalczynski to second. Albaugh walked, Zsigo scored, Kalczynski to third, Hartley to second. Pisani flied to right. MSU 16(c)5./



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