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MSU-Wisconsin Post-Game Quotes



Jan. 11, 2011

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MSU Head Coach Tom Izzo

Opening Statement...
There were so many different people that played a part in this win. I don't even know who to thank the most, but I think I would have to go with the fans for first of all, braving the weather and probably being as loud as a packed house just because of the weather, that I have heard in a long time. And then our team, we had so many guys that just gave us little things, from (Adreian) Payne, to (Garrick) Sherman, Austin Thornton and Mike Kebler. When Durrell (Summers) and Kalin (Lucas) go five from 23 and we can still win, that says a lot. But maybe the most important thing to me is that we talked about having a character check. I have never seen a bunch of guys get knocked down more times than they got knocked down. In every huddle, they still thought they could win. We haven't solved all of our problems, too and we are not ready take on the world, but we did take a big step in kind of learning something about ourselves. I watch our huddles in our locker room right now and it was amazing how many guys had a feel for another guy, and that was probably the most enjoyable part of the night for me. And Wisconsin, they played their tail off. They beat us in every way they could beat us - early with those pick-and-pops we worked so hard to defend them and to be honest with you, we did a very poor job defending them in the first five minutes. From then on, other than those two that (Keaton) Nankivil hit, and I thought that both of them were pretty well guarded, and give (Jordan) Taylor credit, he hit a couple big, big threes. I thought those were very well guarded. I thought our defense was phenomenal. We started running some things, some of our ball screens, I think that hurt them a little bit. We just didn't shoot it real well, but we out rebounded them, went back to the basics. We didn't turn the ball over. Eleven times in an overtime game, and we turned them over some. 11 for them is like a 100. We found a way to win. It was a character win. It was an earned win. It was a team win. Yet, I think we beat a very, very good basketball team. A very well coached team. Over the years, Bo and I have had some wars and this was another one. His team played well. I thought we did a good job on (Jon) Leuer and we just couldn't guard (Keaton) Nankivil with a fishnet. If it's not one guy, it's another. I'm just happy we got the win.

On if he thinks this could be a season saving performance...
To our fans that I heard from, I think you would say that, but that's a little disappointing, too. These guys have been through a lot and I haven't made any bones about why we haven't played well. Some people choose to figure out what we do, and what we don't do. I still don't think we're playing great. I don't think we are. It was a win that everybody can feel good about. Kalin was 4-for-17, and he felt great. And getting back to where he gets six or seven assists, he's doing a much better there. He almost made a great play at the end of regulation and I think it was Nankivil, he made an incredible block. I thought that was a big-time play. That was a physical war, to say the least. At least this time we fought it right to the end.

On Draymond Green's pass to Korie Lucious and his play in overtime...
Well you know, I think Draymond, coaches and everybody were disappointed in the way he played in the Northwestern game and at Penn State. We were very disappointed. I guess the good news is that he was disappointed. You have to not forget where you came from, and I think that we have done that a little bit. I think it's normal. I hate to say that. For a lot of teams, maybe it's normal. It was a slap in our face and we spent a lot of time talking about it and we spent a lot of time watching film. We spent a lot of time dissecting it. To his credit, he bounced back and I thought he did a better job. We put the ball in his hands some, we put the ball in Kalin's hands some. Those two guys should have the ball in their hands and we need to get a little more out of Durrell. If we do that, we will be a real good team. We have a long way to go, but we made some strides tonight.

Wisconsin Head Coach Bo Ryan

On controlling the ball...
It was never under control. I like how hard our guys played for the most part. I knew they were ready for a run. We had to get something going. We shut down some driving lines and did a pretty good job of stopping shots.

On the post game locker room talk...
I told them, "Don't leave anything behind. Pack everything up." That's between a coach and his players though. I didn't have any jokes for them.

On their second to last possession...
We had run a play and that didn't happen. Jordan Taylor's driving line was taken away. Jordan was to make a play, that is the point guard's job. He was more than up for the challenge. It didn't happen to be that time.

On Durrell Summers...
We go over a scouting report on every player. He is one of many good players on Michigan State's team. I don't think Summers forced anything.

On Draymond Green...
He can shoot it from the outside a lot better now. If you can go inside, outside, and your tough covering the glass, that means you are going to get some pretty good numbers. Hitting those threes, those nine points from him behind the line, those are huge for Michigan State. I think everybody in the room would agree to that.




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