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Jan. 18, 2005

Recap |  Box Score |  Notes

Michigan State Basketball Post-Game Quotes
Michigan State vs. Purdue
Jan. 18, 2005 - East Lansing, Mich. - Breslin Center
Final Score: Michigan State 71, Purdue 64

Head Coach Tom Izzo - Michigan State

Opening Statement...
"Well I told my staff and I told my players, that Purdue was going to play and I told them that they are pretty good. I feel bad that their schedule is such that there are a lot of big games early because as this team gets better, and as Kiefer gets healthier, they are going to beat some people. We didn't play great at times and that had a lot to do with it. We had some key guys that didn't play as well tonight, but I knew that Purdue was going to be a very tough defensive team. I thought at times our defense was great, we just couldn't guard the post with a fish net. Either we are not very good in there or we saw the new MVP of the league tonight. Carl Landry played awfully well. They did a nice job of giving him the ball. It was a very physical game. Thank god that Shannon Brown played probably his best game as a Spartan. And thank god Maurice Ager had a phenomenal second half. I thought we had a lot of good basketball from Drew Neitzel. A lot of credit should go to Delco Rowley and Drew Naymick because when we were struggling, those two guys game in and did a very great job."

On Maurice Ager and Shannon Brown
"There is no question, Shannon is starting to get better and better as he moves better with the ball. What I like that he did tonight was his rebounding. He just went out and got the ball tonight; he went out and got them on the rim. He ran the lanes very well. He continually pushed the ball, putting it in better positions. I thought Mo did a great job of bouncing back the second half. He was sicker than a dog before the game. I don't know if it was nervous sickness or the other. Purdue battled back. I thought we could put them away in the second half, but they just battled back and we made some mistakes."



On coming back after Wisconsin...
"I don't use Wisconsin as an excuse, it's a reality. We not only had a tough loss, we were beaten up a little bit and if you put all those things together and it was a tough game. We had to get a lot done yesterday and we did get a lot done to the players' credit. We have to get better in the post."

Head Coach Gene Keady - Purdue

On the performance of Carl Landry...
"He scored well. I think when he starts to play with the same mindset on defense as he does on offense we're going to be a lot better, so we're trying to get him to play harder every possession on both ends. The sky's the limit if he can do that. But he had a tremendous game offensively, and the kid got the ball and went 11-for-12; you can't ask for much more."

On the play of Maurice Ager...
"Well, he really beat us there at the end, he hit two threes late in the game; I thought that kind of summed it up. I thought our kids were making progress, we're getting better. Inch-by-inch is a cinch, I wish it were a yard or so every once and a while instead of an inch, but I thought he did a great job making the baskets when they needed them."

On Michigan State's senior class...
"I have a hard time believing reading the papers about how soft their seniors are; I thought they were pretty hard to me today. They played with a lot of heart. That's ridiculous, these kids have played their butts off and to put something like that on a kid in the paper, I know I shouldn't be saying this, but you guys buy ink by the barrel. These kids are hard-nosed kids that play hard and I respect them very much. You know, they're 16th in the nation, that's ridiculous. They played their (behinds) off, they won a big game and I'm proud to be a part of the Big Ten for teams like this that come out and play after a heartbreaking loss like they had and win it. So give them a break, they don't need a break I know that, but it's just one of those things that irritates me."

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