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Purdue 76, Michigan State 64

Feb. 10, 2010

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Michigan State vs. Purdue
February 9, 2010

Michigan State Head Coach Tom Izzo

Opening Statement...
I want to start out by saying I if could motivate my players as well as the crowd. They did a great job. That was the best crowd we've had in a couple of years and on a snowy night. We just didn't bring it. They were good. I think they played well. I like Matt's team but we didn't check anybody the first half, I mean not anybody. We started the game with missed layups and that just got us going in that direction. For some reason we haven't checked in three games and I don't have an answer for it right now. I was proud of Kalin (Lucas) who did an incredible job seeing that he hasn't practiced one second. I think that Chris Allen played very, very well. Korie wasn't bad. Draymond had an uncharacteristic bad shooting night but I liked the effort he played with. We just couldn't keep Delvon out of foul trouble. He getting two fouls every game to start and we don't guard and I don't know why.

On if he thought Kalin Lucas would play 29 minutes...
No, no I didn't. I kept asking him if he wanted to come out and he kept saying that he wanted to play. It's kind of funny there's always goods and bads, a silver lining in every cloud. I looked at when he got hurt and how he was at Illinois and I looked at how he was the last couple of days and I think how he's grown up a lot and really made some progress. If more of the guys had his heart we'd be real good but we're getting some guys who are playing better and some guys who aren't playing as well and you can't have your best players not playing well. Kalin, in fairness, is on a leg and a half but I don't want to take anything away from Purdue either they played very well and made shots. I thought we had some good shots to start the game off, we had three good layups and we just didn't make them. I thought we had some good looks, some good threes but they didn't go in. They made them in the first half. I'd say it was a gallant effort in the second half brought on 90% by the crowd and they almost willed us to a win. We got it down to three and E'Twaun Moore hit a tough shot behind that ball screen and that's what they do and that's the way he plays and he played well. I don't have any excuses, I thought that they just made more shots and we didn't.

On his team needing to take ownership...
I didn't chew them out at all. There is no question of that statement. This is when players need to make a decision. I said at my press conference that we got coach better, we need to play better and we've got to cheer better. I thought the cheering was first class and if I had to rate it I'd rate it an A+. The coaching probably wasn't very good because I didn't get my guys ready to play but when you get layups and your missing them I struggle with that too and I struggle with effort related things and I think your point is when we're jogging back on defense and they're going in for layups and dunks off of the fast break. I just looked at six clips of layups and guys jogging back, that's effort related and that is just unacceptable. It's still my team and I've got to straighten it out and I'm going to say that we're still tied for first. Purdue went through their three-game slump. Ohio State went through theirs. I guess Wisconsin just got beat at home tonight. Some idiot told you a long time ago that five losses would win the league and we're getting closer to that number now unfortunately. But, players have to make a decision on effort related things, they really do and the coach has to make decisions on who's going to give the effort and that's who I'm going to play. It's kind of sad that late in the season you've got to make those tough decisions but you do.

Purdue Head Coach Matt Painter

On how important rebounding and transitional defense was ...
We wanted to keep the rebounding close, take care of the basketball and take good shots so we could keep Michigan State on transition. Obviously, we had some turnovers that helped them get into transition, especially in the second half. But to beat Michigan State, you have to put yourself in a position to beat them and we were able to do that. I think it was just icing on the cake the way we shot in the first half. But we knew they were going to make a run, and they were able to cut the score down to three points. They did a great job of using that momentum and driving to the basket, which put us in a tough position. We were stuck if E'Twaun Moore hadn't made a couple of huge plays.

On how E'Twaun Moore played...
I thought outside of a five minute stretch, he showed some poise on when to attack and when not to attack. He is a very confident player and when he lets the game come to him he can quietly score 25 points. He made some big plays tonight and some big shots. He has worked on his game and has come a long way, which has put him in a good position.

On the atmosphere of Breslin...
I thought it was a great atmosphere, it is one of the best in college basketball. They had a white-out and it is tough to play when you can't hear yourself think. We had one turnover in front of out bench when we simply didn't rely or hear the play-call and they didn't let us make that initial pass because of the sound. This is an outstanding place to play and we are fortunate to get a victory.

On what is different after winning six games straight...
I think anytime you make shots, everything looks better and we were able to make some shots today. I thought our guys did a very good job on the glass and gave this game a great effort. When we played at Northwestern, we got out-rebounded three straight games, and I think we have done a better job since then. Sometime it just takes that wake-up call. But you have to put yourself in a position to rebound against Michigan State; if you are constantly helping you can't rebound. So you have to do a good job on the ball and keep it in front of you. But that is easier said than done when they have guys like Kalin Lucas, who is constantly getting into the paint.

On an attitude change with his players...
I think the guys that have stepped up and rebounded have done a good job. But it has really been a team effort; I don't think anybody has single-handedly stepped up and filled that void. And we shot the ball better and that goes a long way. When you are making shots, sometimes you are making mistakes in other areas, but it covers that up - you really camouflage some of your deficiencies. When you go to Michigan State and you shoot 57% and 91% from the free-throw line and you out-rebound them, you are going to win the game. We put ourselves in a position to win the game and we were able to do that. We have gotten to the point where we have the lead and then we let them come back, but you like having that problem. But I don't really know how to coach them up at that point. Once you get up, you have to try and advance that lead. We have struggled with it, but obviously we stepped up tonight and made the plays we needed to



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