Post Game Quotes

Feb. 18, 2006

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Michigan Head Coach Tommy Amaker Opening Statement... "I thought that it was a very intense basketball game and I congratulate Michigan State. After coming off a tough stretch it was an important game for them, as it was for us, and the intensity shown today proved how important it was. A big difference that I noticed was Michigan State's ability to make their jump shots, I thought Shannon (Brown) played excellent and Maurice (Ager) played tremendous as well. I give them a lot of credit."

On Ager and Brown "I'm not sure you can stop them. I don't think anyone has really stopped them yet this year. Sometimes you can catch them on their off days, but then they have their good days too, and today was a good day for them."

On starting off strong... "I thought we came out playing very strong, but then we slowed down. I thought that we defended pretty well, but it's hard when you go against three good players, and I thought Drew (Neitzel) played very well today. Sometimes I don't think he gets enough credit, but I really liked his floor play today. Michigan State is a good team and they played well today."

Michigan State Head Coach Tom Izzo On Maurice Ager... "Well, I'm happiest for Maurice (Ager). To his credit he had some tough games. He came up and talked to me after the Iowa game and said he was working hard and getting his rest, and he really needed to have a good game. I thought he was excellent."

On MSU's strategy... "Well we got off to a slow start or Michigan came out great, however you want to look at it. Shannon (Brown) was special and he made some key plays to get us in the game. Once we were in the lead we decided we weren't going to double down because we felt with Horton and Harris Michigan would only get back into the game with three pointers.

On being back at home... "We have a long way to go but we are still in the (Big Ten) race. I'm not giving up on the Big Ten, but we just aren't in control so we just have to let it play out and focus on getting better every day until the Big Ten Tournament and the NCAA Tournament. We have lots of big games we need to focus on, but it feels good to be home."