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Michigan State 76, Northwood 45

Nov. 1, 2009

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Post-Game Quotes

Michigan State vs. Northwood
November 1, 2009

Michigan State Coach Tom Izzo

Opening Statement...
Well, we have more injuries than Cater has liver pills right now and it's pretty hard to evaluate what kind of game that was. I will give you the disappointments: in the first half we missed a ton of open shots and we missed a ton of lay ups. All the put backs were missed, but I guess the good news was that we were getting to the boards. Delvon Roe got hit in the heard three minutes into the game, and even though he played a little bit after that we was out of it, and that's why we didn't play him that much. I don't know what his diagnosis is, but I think he has a partial concussion. Durrell Summers is okay he just had some cramps, but that is a MASH unit right now and it's frustrating. I feel bad for the fans, I feel bad for all of us and yet you have to give Northwood some credit. Bob did a good job and ran his stuff early; He had a couple guys that played well like Booker Stoudmire and Lionel Sullivan. Those guys played very well for them, and give us credit during the second half because we started screening a little bit better, but we had so many bizarre lineups in there it's really difficult for me to evaluate.

What I can evaluate is that even though Kalin Lucas was 5-21 I was happy how we ran our team in the time outs. I thought he should have pulled up a little bit more, instead of taking it to the hole every single time, but I was pleased with his defense and the things we did. He only had one turnover, and that was late in the game. I though Durrell Summers played a great second half which is because we got him the ball more. Overall, we didn't do a very good job getting him the ball and we did not do a very good job setting screens for him. Sometimes we had Isaiah Dahlman playing the four and he has never done that, so we had some bad lineups in there.

I thought Draymond Green had a phenomenal second half after a very poor start and he started checking better, running better, and scoring better. He got to the line a lot and was a man on the boards which was a big plus. I thought Sherman, Derrick Nix and Tom Herzog all had their moments, and looking at it statistically Nix might have played the best. Looking at what was done on the floor, Sherman played pretty well, and Tom did some good things at times, but we still have to limit his time in order to keep him fresh. I went into the game thinking there were three things I wanted to see: One was our leadership and chemistry, and that was not bad. Raymar Morgan and Chris Allen did a nice job on the bench too. I said our defense was another thing I wanted to see and that was very poor early, but got better in the second half. Our bigs play was the third thing I wanted to find out and that was at least adequate.

On Raymar Morgan's and Chris Allen's injury Status...
Chris Allen should be able to start practicing mid way through this week, and Raymar Morgan is at least 10 days. He has a bad sprain and it's a shame because he did it just going down the court when we went to turn with the ball. I feel sorry for Raymar because he was having a great fall and now he is going to have to battle through another injury.

On the team's defense...
I didn't think we checked very well in the first half and we took some chances, but some of that were the lineups we had. When Delvon Roe went out we tried to play small, and we did that for about three minutes, but Delvon wasn't with it. In the second half we made some adjustments with them running their offense off the post which is something our bigs have not seen yet, and we have not covered it yet. I thought we adjusted on the run pretty good, and they missed some shots at the end too because I think they wore down a little bit. They did a nice job, and it wasn't all us because we had some injuries and so did they. That team will do alright in the league and as long as those guards stay under control and can make shots. They have some mismatch issues so I think they will do alright.

Northwood Coach Bob Taylor

On his team's performance during the second half...
We were just talking about that in the locker room. Their defense in the second half took us out of our offense. We think that we're struggling, we want to go back and watch the tape. We thought we stood a little bit too much. Sixty rebounds [for Michigan State] was unbelievable. Our assists to turnovers was 7-21, they forced a lot of that. We're not quite sure until we watch the tape if we maybe got a little fatigued because they're so physical. We thought we had some chances to get some breaks when we were running early. Either we were tired [in the second half] or their defense stepped up, and I think it's probably a combination of [those factors]. We thought that we had to move the ball better. Dorian [Pierce] took some shots that maybe we would have liked to have had kicked out and spin it. A lot of it could be that they are a very physical team and quite possibly we just got tired. So we're going to sit back and talk to our team a little bit about that. [Michigan State] is so physical. For us it was a challenge to get any rebounds. I think that wore us out some.

On how his team competed in the first half...
The first half, of course we liked. You always like it when they probably missed some shots and they probably thought they could have made some more shots and I thought we competed on the boards some. I thought we got the ball over the top and I thought some of our players played really well. I think maybe it was our lack of offense that led to their offense and we just kept digging a hole. I thought we competed... We feel good about it as far as what we did obviously we would have liked to have done it for a longer period of time, but we had what our game plan was and we thought we did it. I think part of it was either a fatigue factor or they just kept being the puncher and kept punching us to the gut and wearing us out a little bit.

On the performance of Lionel Sullivan...
We thought Lionel played really well. It's like a catch-22 because we thought he did a few things that were a little bit more one-on-one than we wanted. But nobody else was really doing anything and he's being successful. So you take it when it's successful. When it's not, and he's going a little bit more one-on-one and we're standing a little bit more, it's not successful. We took it in the first half so we felt like we had to take it during the second half. He tried to make some plays. One of those things that we thought coming in was maybe our four and five men could be a little bit more mobile than their four and five men and try to beat them off the dribble a little bit and that was part of what we tried to get done.

On the Michigan State team...
I think they're great. I've always been a fan of Michigan State. I just think they play well. Probably early on I feel like they missed some shots they don't normally miss. But they're just relentless on the backboard. I know they had some injuries and some guys that didn't play that we were prepped for. For what we see, those are just really good players that play very hard and I hope their injuries are minor and that they come through fine.



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