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Post Game Quotes Against Youngstown State
Spartan Head Coach Tom Izzo
Spartan Head Coach Tom Izzo

Nov. 9, 2006

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Michigan State Head Coach Tom Izzo
Opening statement...
Let's not make it bigger than it is and let's not make it any different than it is, but when I look at what this team went through in the last 24 hours, I thought we played two of the best halves of basketball on both ends that we have played in a long time. Tough prep night, and early morning and afternoon; everybody else had the day off, but our guys went to school. I thought it was maybe the most energy we've had on defense against a very good basketball team. We did a great job on the boards and we contained Humphrey, he's a special player. I thought Byron Davis, from Detroit, played very well. I thought we executed well, defended well, and shot well. We hit slips, we went to the basket, but we still turned it over enough that I still have to earn my money. Other than that, I thought it was a very good performance. Our kids get a chance to go to New York, and as Jimmy Boylen told them, even in the NBA, Madison Square Garden is a favorite stop for everybody. I'm proud of this team for their effort today.

On the play of Travis Walton...
Travis Walton had his best game, maybe as a Spartan, if you look at all the things he did.

On the performance of Maurice Joseph...
He is getting a little confidence, he's just about as good of a shooter as Drew Neitzel. Drew gave him some good passes. I think we were a little more active and I think that helped him to get some open shots.

On the play of Drew Neitzel...
We moved Drew and Travis around and that is not easy to do. He really played well, and I will say this 100 times, his defense is getting better and better. If he doesn't watch it, he might be our best defensive player for a shooter.

MSU Junior Guard Drew Neitzel
On playing well...
It feels great. We struggled a little bit last night and it was hard to get in a rhythm, and tonight we were real excited to come back and play with just one day of preparation. We wanted to come out with a lot of energy, and we propelled off that quick start.

On his quick start...
I was a little disappointed with my performance last night. My Dad has always told me, it's how you bounce back. I was just thankful we only had one day of preparation and we were playing the next day. I was jacked up early and my teammates found me right from the get go. You have to give them credit.

MSU Sophomore Guard Travis Walton
On his improved play...
A lot of teammates just told me to come out and play with confidence. It was a team effort, Drew came out and hit four big shots; three of them were passes from me, and that got me going.

On play of teammate Maurice Joseph...
Last year he didn't have the chance to step up like that because of the players we had. This summer he worked hard on his game, and the last couple of games he played great.

Youngstown State Head Coach Jerry Slocum
On what surprised him about Michigan State's play...
Nothing. I mean, they're a good basketball team, and they've got great size. They shot the ball well in their two exhibition games and basically the other night, and I feared that, because they're a good basketball team and you know that they're going to shoot the ball better. We took the brunt of that tonight.

On Michigan State's offensive rebounding...
They have a tradition here of being a great offensive rebounding team, and they just go get it. We did not have the bodies to put on them to stop that strength at the bottom of the boards.

On how the defense affected Quin Humphrey...
They played mostly man, just a couple of possessions of zone. I thought that Quin did a few good things, played well, but we didn't give him much help from the other guys. I thought that he was the only one who really showed up and played well for us tonight.




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