Post Game Quotes Against The Citadel
Spartan Head Coach Tom Izzo
Spartan Head Coach Tom Izzo

Nov. 12, 2006

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Michigan State Head Coach Tom Izzo
Opening statement...
There will be more days like this ahead. I just wasn't very happy with the way we played, to be honest with you. I think again, this is a difficult thing for a young team, to play 34 seconds of defense on most possessions. They (The Citadel) have to do what they have to do, but I give myself - and my team - that benefit of the doubt that that is a difficult thing to do. Two out of the three teams now that are really running down that shot clock and it makes it hard to try to get the ball back. I guess this is why guys struggle with wondering how guys are going to handle success.

On the game...
We didn't play very sharp or execute very well. I'm disappointed because I'm thinking we are going to take a couple steps forward before we go to New York. We took a couple steps forward on Thursday and we took a step and a half backwards today. I guess that shouldn't surprise me with a young team, but some of it to me is unforgivable. We have to get more out of our big men.

On the upcoming tournament...
We play a team (Texas) that is extremely talented, but not real experienced either.

Citadel Head Coach Ed Conroy
Opening statement...
First of all, I was proud of our guys and their effort. We are a first-year program and it's good to see that. This was our first road test together and it was against a very good basketball team, who has had tremendous success. Our guys know who the Michigan State Spartans are and I was proud of the way we played and the way we tried to execute tonight. Obviously, we didn't make the shots tonight. If you told me we were going to go 3-for-22 from the 3-point line and less than 50 percent from the free-throw line, I would have told you we were going to have a lot of trouble tonight.

On the game...
Those three pointers from Dahlman and Morgan - for us to come in and have a magical moment tonight - we couldn't have things like that happen. They knocked those down and stretched our defense out a little bit and our zone, I think we stretched a little too much after that and gave up some offensive rebounds.

On the Spartans...
Well Coach Izzo is going to do a great job with this team, and I thought at this time of the season we could really limit their transition, which we did. And Drew Neitzel, I thought if we could stop him from getting shots early, I thought the other guys wouldn't have the confidence that they showed. I think they are going to be a lot better than people think.