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Nov. 13, 2007

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Michigan State Head Coach Tom Izzo

Opening Statement...
I guess I have a wonderful sense of the obvious, but there were a lot of guys who did some good things. I thought Kalin Lucas did a great job pushing the ball early, he got a lot of people the ball. I thought (Raymar) Morgan - it was one game, but it was one game that he played a little bit more possessed. I thought (Morgan's) points were great, and the rebounding led to a lot of points. I think on six offensive rebounds, he scored on five of them. I thought Drew Neitzel did a good job, he was hot early. I don't know if we just did a good job of getting him the ball there for a minute, but with eight assists and no turnovers, it was a great night for him. I thought Travis (Walton) did a good job coming off the bench. I thought our young guys, especially (Durrell) Summers played well. Our bigs have a ways to go yet, but we made some progress.

On the play of Michigan State's defense...
It was a much better job at times when we put Raymar at the four, switched more positions, and I thought we did a great job the last four minutes of the first half. I thought in general - considering that we still played the freshmen quite a few minutes - I thought they did a better job defensively. Durrell and Chris (Allen) both did a better job, and Kalin did a very, very good job guarding (Chicago State guard David Holston) the way he did. He got two late threes, but I thought it was an incredible effort, especially by a freshman.

On the decision to bring Walton off the bench...
I thought about it, I fought with it, looked at it, but we just figured we can't play the three freshman together yet - I mean for an extended period of time. I look back at the teams with David Kelly starting one year and coming off the bench, Morris Peterson, David Thomas, Kelvin Torbert, or Chris Hill, it seems like every great team we've had we had a great sixth man or a sixth starter. I talked to Travis about it, and I swear I didn't make a decision until last night. I wanted to talk to Lucas about it, and talk to Travis about it. The two things were that Kalin has deserved some things too. He has a knack for running the team, but this team is still Travis Walton's team. I think if you ever want to learn something about a guy, he not only took it, but he kind of came to me with it. A couple times during the game he said, `I don't have to go in yet, he's playing good.' That was incredible. It looks like we have another great sixth man who might have put the team before the individual. In the past when that has happened, we've had a better team.

Chicago State Head Coach Benji Taylor

On Michigan State being a different team than last year...
Well, I wasn't here last year, but I think the now famous quote that is certainly good for this game is, "They're who we thought they were." They're good, they're strong, and they're physical, They played with a different pace tonight and I think during the regular season, in their series, they're the No. 8 team in the country, or better, and they're very good.

Guard David Holston

On the altercation with Chris Allen...
We ran into each other. Both teams were just playing hard, and we got into it a little bit but it was nothing more than both teams playing hard.

On MSU being different from last year...
I think they're a much better team now. A couple of players didn't play last year that did play this year like [Raymar] Morgan. I think they're a much better team than they were last year. They are the No. 8 team for a reason, and I think they are a much better team.




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