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Post-Game Quotes

Nov. 14, 2007

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Michigan State Head Coach Tom Izzo

Opening comments...
I said that our freshmen were going to have some good and bad and I think this game we had some bad, then some good, then some bad, then some good... We were up and down and inconsistent. The bad parts of the games, the turnovers, we were almost bordering ridiculous. How we turned it over we had 2 post players with 10 turnovers and our guards did not take care of the ball like they were supposed to. We did not defend the three very well. I give them credit, the y made some great threes. I thought the turning point in the game was in the first half, we were nine up and we had a coup e of guys in there didn't check anybody and they hit three threes in a row and that gave them some confidence, and once they got it, they really rode with it. We battled back and got a good lead and didn't do the things we needed to do the second half. Those were the tough things, the positive things were there were stretches when some of the guys who didn't play good they were resilient and came back and played well in certain areas. The rebounding was very good. Getting 50 rebounds in a game is a lot of rebounds. I thought in some ways we ran some things very sharp and in other ways, we let them take us out of our offense and making those illegal picks. It was a lot of different things happening in the basketball game. There were some real highs, Allen and Summers had some really good points and some really tough points. We are going to play a lot better. If we throw the ball around like that against Missouri who presses from the minute you get in the city limits until you leave the airport, we are not going to be as successful. Some of the turnover were because our guys dribbled in. Kalin and Chris were running different places, they don't have a feel for each other yet.

On concern with turnovers... We are not taking very good care of the ball now and some of the reason is we have some guards with some turnover, but when you have two big guys with ten turnovers, that's concerning so, I have some ways we can remedy that and we will be working on that over the next few days.

On surviving with Neitzel being unselfish...
No, I thought those first two games, getting 15 or 16 shots was great and the other night I thought he passes up some shots and tonight I think we found ways to not get him the shots. A couple of time we had him wide open and we made an illegal picked or threw a bad pass and the pressure they put on, you need to get them credit too. You have to understand who has to get the shots and that is another area I will be addressing this week. He has to get some shots and we did a poor job screening for him tonight.

On the players finding roles on the team...
Those young guys, Kalin is struggling with his shot a little bit. The other two are putting the ball on the floor a little too much and we'll get that straightened out. When you get 15 shots, let's not kid ourselves, Drew struggled for a couple of games. It's not like they weren't getting him shots then. This game would be the first game that I thought we did a poor job of getting him shots. I think they did a good job and our bigs did not set very good speeds. It's going to take a while, as far as the feel for each other goes. I still like the way we ran it at times. The twenty turnovers were because of some sloppy plays and bad passes.

On defensive adjustments...
We did some things where we switched a little bit more. We had to move Ray all over the place. Ray and Drew are both battling cold-flu type things, so that is why they look tired. They both sucked it up pretty good. He [Raymar Morgan] actually was the best defender on the ball tonight. So getting him out there really helped as a foreman. They hit some shots too and missed a couple early. Once they made 3 or 4 in a row they got confidence and started taking it to us. We got punched in the mouth and I'm not sure we were punching back. The second half we did a better job.

Louisiana-Monroe Head Coach Orlando Early

Opening Statement...
Tonight I think Michigan State just really imposed their will on us as the game went on. They were obviously bigger and stronger. When we did get a good defensive possession and get a stop, they were able to get the offensive rebound and put it back in to score on us. I thought our team competed hard - we played hard; we just need to do a better job of scoring while we're around the basket and not accepting, not settling for so many three-point shots.

On Michigan State's defense...
We had a tough time scoring and getting good looks at the basket. They do a good job defending, and they're very physical. When we got a look, we didn't get the offensive rebound. And then we would have a couple good defensive stands, but then they would get the offensive rebound and score. Their defense really gave us problems during that stretch.

On the rebounding differential...
I didn't think it would be 50 to 23. I knew they would out-rebound us. We weren't able to get a lot of defensive rebounds for a couple reasons. A. - they were bigger and stronger, but B. - they shot 54 percent from the floor. They didn't miss a lot, so it's hard to rebounds when they don't miss. I expected it to be a tough night on the boards for us, and obviously it was.



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