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Nov. 19, 2004

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EAST LANSING, Mich. - Michigan State vs. Florida A&M

Post-game Quotes:

Tom Izzo

On the game...
"I thought we played awfully well in the first half and we did a lot of good things. The thing that impressed me the most again was the unselfishness. You can be a special team if you are that unselfish. I thought the way we moved the ball around was good, our spacing was good, and our defense was pretty solid except for a few times on the transition."

On the play of Florida A&M...
"I really don't think that is that bad of a team. They have some big guys that can shoot it, the transfer from Temple will be a good contributor for them. And their little guard, Tate, does some very good things."

On the negatives of the game... "On the negative side, there were some things we wanted to look at that we didn't do well. We did a decent job getting back in transition in the first half, in the second half it was porous. We didn't rebound as well as I would have liked to, and we had too many careless turnovers. But, there were a lot more positives than negatives."

On the play of Kelvin Torbert...
"If this were hockey I would give Torbert my first star. There was not rhyme or reason behind not starting him tonight. But, for him to come off the bench and contribute like he did really tells you what kind of kid he is. I thought he played exceptionally well."

Florida A&M Head Coach Mike Gillespie

Opening Statement...
"I have to thank you all for sticking around until the end. I probably would have left at halftime. If I could have left, I would have. Obviously the better team won. There is a reason why these are called guaranteed games, but what a great environment and what a tremendous team. I wish that we could have played a little bit better. I'm not making any excuses but Tuesday's 5:30 a.m. practice was the first time that I had all of my guys practice together for the very first time, and we started practicing on October fifteenth, due to all the injuries we had. My first five guys that started today had one practice together. I'm not making any excuses because that team is far and away better. I could have had all the guys with retired jerseys from our team up there and it wouldn't have made any difference. I just wish that we could have been a little bit more competitive. I think if we had more of an opportunity to practice together, we still surely would have lost the game, but I think the game in the first half would have been a little more competitive. Obviously there were some positive notes as we did win the second half. That's really important. If you take away the first half, I could walk away with a one-point victory. The second thing we did was rebound well. We had 23 offensive rebounds. Whoever was our defensive coach didn't do a good job the first half as we let them shoot 70 percent but that will happen when you have the leading three-point shooting team in the country make 12 3-pointers. So again, my hat is off to them. They are excellently coached, tremendously athletic and very gifted at sharing the basketball."



On what part of the Spartans' game impressed him...
"There wasn't one phase of the game that they didn't do well. They guarded, they shared the basketball, they ran a great fast-break and their ability to shoot the ball is incredible. I thought we did a good job with Paul Davis holding him to ten points, that was a positive for us. With all the guys, Ager, Brown, Torbert and Hill, making all those threes, it makes it difficult to guard. The neat thing about their team is everyone is interchangeable."