Post Game Quotes Against Vermont
Spartan head coach Tom Izzo
Spartan head coach Tom Izzo

Nov. 21, 2006

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Michigan State Head Coach Tom Izzo
Opening statement...
It's tough to win a game and not feel good about it, I feel frustrated. We wanted to come out and play hard against what we thought, on tape, was a very good, solid basketball team. I thought most of the first half we played exceptionally well. Defensively, we were bordering on real good. We rebounded the ball pretty well, we executed pretty well. We got Drew Neitzel some good shots - the whole team did that. We just had a bunch of guys that missed again, some easy shots and lay-ups. We tried to regroup and start off the second half with a bang and we started alright, we made three baskets in a row. And then after that, I think we showed our immaturity and our inexperience. That's not going to cut it. I was disappointed. We ended with 16 turnovers which was a shame because I think we we're playing pretty well. To shoot 35 percent is a shame because we had enough good shots. When the energy level goes down, everything falls apart. We didn't rebound as well the second half, we turned the ball over more the second half, we missed easy shots. I'm not just writing it off either, its inexcusable for us to have as many players play casual as we had. Unfortunately, it overshadowed an incredible performance by Drew Neitzel.

On the play of the guards...
I think our players do deserve some credit. Travis Walton made some great passes to Drew Neitzel. I thought we set some good screens for Drew (Nietzel), and he used them well. I think he shot the ball extremely well, especially from the three-point line. But maybe as impressive, our guards did a better job rebounding than our bigs did.

On the play of Drew Neitzel...
Some say he could sit on a nickel and swing his legs. He's not real tall, but he's got a big heart. He did a heck of a job, in all aspects (of the game). I thought his defense was good, and I thought he played with some energy.

Vermont Head Coach Mike Lonergan
On playing the third Top-25 caliber team...
All those teams were good, and I think Drexel's probably a top 40 team right now. We've played a very difficult schedule; we were able to get one of the wins against the big boys, Boston College. I think that Michigan State is obviously the best rebounding team. They have great chemistry. We went into the game trying to stop Neitzel, limit his shots and we just didn't do a good job. We got off to a horrible start, and we struggled to score because of their defense. And they kept us off the glass with their offensive boards. Their size really hurt us, and Drew Neitzel had a great game.

On MSU's physical presence...
I thought Martin Klimes had some good looks early, but just couldn't score. He and Chris Holm really struggled to get any production. I don't think anyone on our team hit a jump shot past 15 feet, except for Joe Trapani. If you're not scoring inside when you play teams this level, you want to play off the ball and hit the threes. We didn't get a whole lot of open looks and when we did, we didn't knock down any jump shots tonight