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Michigan State 72, Wofford 60

Dec. 4, 2009

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Michigan State vs. Wofford
December 4, 2009

Michigan State Head Coach Tom Izzo

Opening comments...
I like to give credit. It was an interesting day and night for me. You know, with Zeke's (Isaiah Dahlman) brother coming in and then learning a little bit about their team. Then last night learning that they got in late and they walked from the Marriot over to here to practice at 10:30 at night in the snow. I have a lot of respect for Mike (Young) and the job he did, that was impressive to me. I thought his team played with the same heart. I don't think my team did and I was very disappointed. I thought we had moments when we ran good, we had moments when executed good in the second half but we're not playing very good and we've got some key guys that aren't playing very good at all. We have a lot of work ahead of us. And why did I start Isaiah Dahlman, so you know, it wasn't because his family was here. It wasn't because his brother was playing. Those were part of it, but we weren't having a very good practice last night and he brought more energy and more care for each other. My team right now doesn't understand that great players don't make a great team. Its players that care a little bit more about one another and right now we haven't done that. So we have a lot of work ahead of us, not insurmountable work, but we have to start playing for the name on the front, not the name on the back. We have to start playing unselfish and we have to start playing with a little more energy and passion and that's what I'm going to work on tomorrow for many, many hours.

On Durrell Summers performance...
I'm just looking for him to play like the player he is. He's just got to play better. Honestly, he's just got to play better. I don't have a good answer for that, maybe he does.

On Delvon Roe moving around better...
There's no question, I think what Delvon does is that he's just so excited that he can move and run and do the things that he could do. He was very good with the ball but now he has to have his basketball catch up with his athleticism, before his athleticism catches up with his basketball and he's got to slow himself down a little bit. I thought Delvon, has been getting a lot a lot better. He's struggling with his shot, yet it's because he's falling backwards and that's the last thing that will come back. But he's working so much harder defensively and he's doing an incredible job. I thought with Raymar (Morgan) and Draymond (Green) in there, we had three guys that I thought that played pretty well in there. Raymar was a man. Raymar is rounding into great shape. He's rounding into the player that he deserves to be. I'm happy for him. I thought Chris Allen had one of his best games, as far as defensively. He didn't score a ton of points, but made shots, made plays. We just threw the ball around a little bit with 19 turnovers. We had four with four minutes left in the half, and threw it around there. And at the end we threw it around a little bit. That was disappointing because we didn't get enough shots up.

On his initial reaction about setting this game up...
You know me, I play a lot of games. But I guess I'm a human interest guy myself. And I did respect this program. Its kind of funny, this week Bruce Weber called me from Illinois and said, `You're going to be in for a game.' And I just love and I really enjoy Mike (Young). He's a good coach and runs some good stuff and his players play hard. I must admit, I like watching Noah Dahlman play. He plays so hard and he works so hard on the post and we kept throwing people at him. And it was a good game for us. That team is going to win some games and they're going to compete in that conference. And yet, I was hoping that after a loss, we would come back and play with a sense of urgency. And that may be more than anything is what this team is lacking. There's just no sense of urgency. I've gone through it before, I'm sure I'll through it again but right now we have to get better at that.

Wofford Head Coach Mike Young

Opening comments...
I told our team, they're not there yet. Coach Izzo knows that and he would be the first to admit it. That team is going to go a long way. If they won the whole thing, I would not be the least bit surprised. For our guys to come in here and compete - it was a five point game at the under 12 minute media time out - and give ourselves a shot is a testimonial to the toughness of our boys. Hats off to the Spartans, they are so big and talented. Lucas is such a great distributer and playmaker.

On how the game was scheduled...
The game came about because when we recruited Noah we told his family that we would bring him back to Minnesota. We always do that with kids from out of our region, we take them back home to play. His dad said, `Now coach you don't have to do that. It doesn't mean anything to our family. We would like for the boys to play against one another.' I was quick enough to ponder that for just a minute. I was not sure that there was any reason I would want to go to East Lansing, but I told him we would do it. I made the call last spring and coach was gracious enough to allow it to happen. Trust me; I wouldn't do it just to do it. I do not have to go this far away from home to get my tail whipped.



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