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Post Game Quotes Against BYU

Dec. 9, 2006

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Michigan State Head Coach Tom Izzo
Opening statement...
I think our guys are pretty drained having played 11 games in 30 days and I think it's taken a little bit of a toll. I didn't feel we were nearly as sharp in any aspect of the game and BYU deserves some credit for that. Our guards didn't play as well and I think some of it was not being able to sub them at all with the injury to Joseph. Our bigs, at times, played pretty well and there were stretches where Neitzel was phenomenal and there were stretches where I thought Gray was the best player on the court.

On the win...
The way I looked at it in the end is if we can shoot that poorly from the free-throw line, our guards not play as well as I have thought they've played cerebrally, and overcoming Joseph's injury against a quality team, I think I should feel pretty good about it. Finding a way to win is the mark of a good team when key players don't play as well, so I think we took a step in the right direction in that respect.

On his team handling the non-conference schedule...
I still contend that having no time to practice is really hurting our offense, but today we weren't as good defensively. They were a little physically and mentally tired and I think I can give my team that excuse because I think it's been a brutal 30 days. I am pleased with the way we've started, but I think we have one of those teams that can't overlook any team. For the most part we haven't, until today. It wasn't good from about the second play of the game on, and I think the players would agree with that. If we could do that I would be tickled to death.

Brigham Young Head Coach Dave Rose
Opening statement...
First of all, I thought it was a well-played game, and hard-fought by both teams. I thought that there were critical possessions in the game where we needed to make a play. I thought that we competed hard, but we got ourselves into a situation where it was a multiple-possession game and obviously Michigan State did a great job of running their half-court offense right, and like I said, we had chances to make big plays in certain possessions, and we just weren't able to get it done.

On the determining factor for Michigan State... I think that their size and their athleticism was a factor. Everybody has strengths, and everybody has weaknesses, I just thought that they guarded them really, really well. They were real physical with them, but a lot of it was the fact that Keena (Young) got a couple quick fouls early, and maybe his aggression level wasn't what it's been the last three or four nights. He's been really, really good for us the last couple weeks, and tonight Michigan State did a great job on him.

On his expectations of Michigan State... I thought that tonight they were really good against us at hitting open shots at times. We had a defensive game plan where we thought that we could take some of their strengths away, and then make them go to their secondary or third options. In that situation it seemed like we got burned a lot. Guys off the bench hit big jump shots, and the big key for us was to keep guys to one shot and out. There were multiple times in the second half where we could not get the rebound, and they got another possession. They're very good at just running their stuff, and getting what they want. If you give them two or three chances to do that on possessions, it demoralizes your team and wears them out.



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