Post Game Quotes Against Chicago State
Michigan State Head Coach Tom Izzo
Michigan State Head Coach Tom Izzo

Dec. 16, 2006

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Michigan State Head Coach Tom Izzo
Opening statement...
We had a rough week with finals, Suton being sick and all the injuries. I told my assistants the other day that if we found a way to win by one, I'd be happy. I definitely knew Chicago State was a better team in some ways than some of the teams we've played, but I wasn't going to sell that to you and I wasn't going to sell that to my players. But I said that I'd be happy if we won by one, and in a way I guess I'm happy that we won.

On his team's effort...
I'm just very disappointed in our effort. For a team to get 16 offensive rebounds against us, it's an embarrassment to everybody that ever played here. If you ask me, it was a very poorly played game, other parts weren't very well done, and most of all, it was a very poorly coached game, and that's my fault and my issue. I'm definitely going to make sure that everybody understands that this team has a long way to go. Yes it's (the team) done some decent things and overcome probably a lot more than I give credit to, but we're going to get straightened out here somehow in the next week. I will put up with a lot of stuff, but the effort related things I'm not going to put up with any more. If that means we lose a game, then saddle up and get ready for the talk shows and the papers to write a lot of nasty things because we're going to lose a game.

On evaluating his team...
We spent a lot of time last week looking at our game film and realized that we were very sloppy offensively and very undisciplined offensively. To their credit, they played a very structured and disciplined defense, but there are two ends to the court. It's hard to be upset with my team when I probably deserve more criticism myself because I didn't do a very good job tonight. I'm going to do a better job on Tuesday, and I'm going to do my best job tomorrow.



Chicago State Head Coach Kevin Jones
Opening statement...
I thought it was a well played game plan to come into today's game. We knew we would have an opportunity because a couple of key players didn't play tonight. We knew Neitzel was going to be the catalyst of their team. We tried different defenses on him, but he found a way to do what he's supposed to do and ended up with 32 points. I'm proud of my kids, the way we played. Take away a few calls here and there and I think it could have been a different outcome. When you come into an environment and atmosphere such as this you just have to play as hard as you can and put yourself into a position to win at the end, at that is what we did.

On the officiating...
The ten second call. He said there was a change of possession and clearly there was no change of possession, there was 21 seconds on the shot clock. Then he tells our players they go by their own clock, that is new there. They need to have everybody see that clock they're using, we don't know, we have to go by the clock we're using. When I told him about the five second count he hit me with a quick technical when I was just talking with him. A couple times I thought they were in the lane for three seconds. I mean I have to go small and we reached in and he calls us on contact. This is the Big Ten, it's a physical conference and we've played against some other Big Ten, ACC, and Big 12 teams and they didn't call those touch fouls. I guess the Big Ten is a little different.