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Dec. 18, 2004

Recap |  Box Score |  Notes

Head Coach Greg Jackson - Delaware State

On MSU compared to Illinois... "It's two different teams, two great basketball teams. Obviously a matchup with each other would go extremely well. As to who would win, it would be a toss up; they are two great programs that are well-coached."

On missing Troy Roundtree in the second half... "I think he kind of tripped over part of the ball and the players and sprained his ankle. I hope we have him in our next ballgame. He was definitely missed, especially in the last part of the game during the home stretch."

On Delaware State's game plan... "We knew coming in we were going against a really good basketball team that is nationally ranked. We wanted to limit their possession time. I thought we did an excellent job of that. In the second half, they came out with a little more intensity and their talent level is impressive. Then, the crowd kind of took over, and I thought that was the difference of the ball game."

Michigan State Head Coach Tom Izzo

Opening statement... "Well, you can blame me, Delaware State was a really tough team to schedule and I thought they did a good job. You have to give them credit because they slowed the ball down. We sat back and they missed their first four or five shots. What we wanted to do worked, but we didn't get a rebound. A couple of Delaware State's guys who never hit a three all year were able to hit them against us. So, I think the combination of poor decisions on my part and maybe it having been finals week or some other factors contributed to the trouble that we had."

On positive elements of Michigan State's game... "There were a few positives. I think that Drew Neitzel is playing a little bit better, Chris Hill is doing a good job, we shot 62 percent in the second half and we only turned the ball over four times in the second half. Those were some positives and there were probably a few more, too."



On where the Spartans lacked consistency... "The negatives outweighed the positives and we never really got in synch. No question, our rebounding is nowhere near where it needs to be or where it should be. But if you want to question what happened, questions me and question the style. I really think that, this time, it is hard to question the guys. This one falls on me, not them."

On Michigan State supporters... "I have to compliment the fans. For us to get that kind of crowd for a game when there are no students in town, you'd like to give them a good show and we didn't. It was frustrating for a lot of reasons."

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