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Dec. 18, 2010

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MSU Associate Head Coach Mark Montgomery

On leading the team ...
I think every head coach should get a day off and let his assistants do all the work. I've been excited the last couple days. I knew the guys would rally around myself, Coach Stephens, and Coach Garland. It's good to get back home, it seems like we've been on the road. It's a hectic schedule. It's good to get back and play in front of our fans. This moment, I didn't dream it would be this way, but circumstances pending, I felt comfortable having been around the program the last 10 years and Coach Izzo had not just myself, but all the coaches ready to step up when it was time."

Mark what was your message to them at half time...
I think we were just playing okay even thought we were up 15. We couldn't put the knock out punch, but they scored a few easy baskets in transition and we said we're not going to play the score. I said that we still needed to get the ball inside. We thought that we were still missing something and I think the guys got the message. You know when you're up 15 you think you are doing pretty good, I thought that we had a little bit more, we were only outrebounding them by 2 at the time. I thought we were missing a lot of good shots, I thought we were sharing the ball but you just want everything to click when it's your time to be the head guy. I thought they were sharing the ball, we just missed some open shots, but our guys were playing hard and they were really giving effort; I was happy.

Mark what was your reaction when you found out about the one game suspension...
Right away, as an assistant, you think it's not fair. The rules are always changing of all people everyone knows that ...I've been with Coach Izzo for 10 years and we haven't had any violations and we do it the right way. Coach stands for doing it the right way, he's the president of NABC and you don't get to that position without doing it the right way and it was just one of those unfortunate things that we are going to move on from.

Mark, can you describe quickly, did you talk to Tom at all at half time or after the game started and before it ended...
You know there were no half time talks, there were no text messages or any of those things. We talked this morning right after breakfast and he said that I'm prepared for it, or we're prepared and it's your show, go out and have a great shoot around, talk to the guys before the game and we should be fine because we have had good practices of late and coach had a sense that we were ready to play today. Coach didn't want to be a distraction, so he just said hey, you have total control with Mike Garland and Dwayne Stephens and he said his thing last night with the guys and we left it at that.

On Coach Izzo's emotions and mood...
I can't say he was in the greatest mood, because after you've coached 16 straight years and you haven't missed a game as a head coach or an assistant you're not going to be in the best of the moods, but he knew we were going to be ready, the team was going to be ready, like I said we had good practices this week, I told him we had a good shoot around and we went out there and played.

Prairie View Head Coach Byron Rimm II

Opening Statement...
It was one of those games that our team is going to learn from. It is great coming up here and playing Michigan State even though Coach Izzo wasn't here. That is a great basketball team that we played tonight. A lot of stuff that we did we couldn't get done because they were bigger and stronger. I think both teams played pretty hard. One reason why we played Michigan State is because we have a young man, Demondre Chapman, who is from this area and I told him we would get him to come home and play this team. He did a great job. He had 13 points in 20 minutes so I am very proud of him. It was one of those games that was hard fought and everything we got we had to scratch to get. It was a tough one.

On keeping it close for a while...
We have some small scrappy guys and they played pretty hard. We try and rebound by a team. We don't have one guys who comes up and get 12-15 rebounds a game. Marvin Adu played his first game today. He played about 4 minutes. He has been in a cast and doesn't even know the plays yet. We just played hard and try to stop those guys from getting offensive rebounds and offensive boards but it is hard to stop somebody when they keep scoring. We have to get stops.

On not seeing Tom Izzo...
Tom Izzo has been one of my idols for a long time. I really wanted to see him and also to go against him. If I had to pick a game I would pick Prairie View too. It's just one of those games that you can't really worry about. Once the ball went up I didn't think about Coach Izzo not being here. I had so much to focus on with our guys. They were determined because they wanted to play for Demondre (Chapman) because he came home and his family came to see him. We are playing one of the best teams in the country even though they had a set-back. It is a great basketball team and I think we are long ways away but if we keep plugging out here and get some of the right guys in here I think we can compete in the future.




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