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Post Game Quotes Against UW-Green Bay

Dec. 23, 2006

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Michigan State Head Coach Tom Izzo
Opening statement...
I felt like we had the most positive things done offensively as far as ball movement, screening, and getting open shots. We didn't make enough of our shots, but we had some great ball movement and got Drew (Neitzel) open. Our big guys inside didn't play as well offensively, but for the most part all you're looking for is to get those kind of shots and then you have to make them, so I was very pleased with our offense. As I told my team, all-in-all today was not a great performance. It was a better performance offensively than defensively and we needed that. I didn't think there would be many games we'd ever win on the offensive end.

On UW-Green Bay...
I thought, for once, our defense wasn't as good. UW-Green Bay did a great job with their ball screens, something we worked hard on for a couple of days and we didn't handle them very well. Some of the credit needs to go to Green Bay for that. Evanochko is very good on those ball screens and Tillema gives them another dimension as another shooter. Green Bay is going to be a good team. They have a lot of shooters and a great point guard, so it was a good win for us going into Christmas, but we have a long way to go.

On MSU committing only seven turnovers...
We have harped on it and we've had some practice time. I felt we had more good looks than we had good baskets, but we still got 21 assists on 29 baskets. I thought Travis really focused in and Drew's not going to make many turnovers. Travis really controlled the team today and when he does that the ball is in the right people's hands at the right time. I thought we ran some good shot clock plays and found some open looks, and I thought we moved the ball really well. Our inside guys still struggled at times, but with our perimeter players, I think it was a little more practice and we had a little more time to spend on the offense.

UW-Green Bay Head Basketball Coach Tod Kowalczyk
Opening Statement...
I think more than anything it was Michigan State's physical-ness around the basket that really hurt us today. I don't think we did a very good job defensively on their post guys. You have to give credit to them. What happened a lot was we were so worried about (Drew) Neitzel coming off staggered screens that I think our post guys were out helping a little bit too much. So, every time we helped too much we got exposed by a slip and they had 21 assisted baskets, and they found the open guy because of our help. I'm disappointed in how we guarded today. That to me was the telling story of the game.



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