Post Game Quotes Against Loyola (MD)
Michigan State Head Coach Tom Izzo
Michigan State Head Coach Tom Izzo

Dec. 30, 2006

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Michigan State Head Coach Tom Izzo
Opening statement...
Well, in a way, I guess I'm glad that the non-conference schedule is over. Its been difficult the last four or five games, as a team you hope to be growing towards the Big Ten season but I don't think we've done a great job of that. It is a game of many different parts and aspects, I thought we moved the ball well enough to score points. We missed too many lay-ups and easy shots. I like the way Jimmy's team played, they played hard and their guards came out firing. I think they will be successful in that league and they do a lot of things that Maryland does.

On the positives...
I guess if I looked at some pluses for us, 12 turnovers against a pressing team is not bad, especially that some of them were so ridiculous, I felt we did a pretty good job of that. Drew Neitzel getting 12 assists was great. On Marquise, they (Loyola) did a good job on the box-in-one and different things on him, and I thought we responded pretty well on that.

On the play of Goran Suton and Marquise Gray...
Of course Suton and Gray improved and made some shots. One of the minuses is that were are not getting enough good basketball out of enough guys. I think it is a positive that we can win a game without Drew Neitzel having one of his better games shooting the ball in a while, and I think that's a plus for us because I have faith that he will shoot it well most of the time.

On the negatives...
Isaiah Dahlman struggled, maybe a freshmen coming back from break. Free-throw shooting bothered me a lot and our rebounding bothered me a lot.

Loyola (MD) Head Coach Jimmy Patsos
Opening statement...
I'd like to start by saying if anybody wants to know why I sweat, I worked for Gary Williams for thirteen years. He's like my surrogate father, you probably remember him from Ohio State. I was really honored to come to a place that has a National Championship banner hanging. I know how hard that is, at Maryland we have one hanging from when I was there, it's just a real honor. I grew up five minutes from Boston Garden, I was there when Magic Johnson hit the hook shot. I've always thought he was the best NBA player ever and I wanted my kids to see that. We at Loyola - my Athletic Director, Joe Boylan, who was at Rutgers too when they went to the Final Four - are trying to build a program. I don't think playing two meaningless games at Christmas time in front of nobody helps. So Joe Boylan and I decided to come to the Big Ten and take a tour. We went to Northwestern and got to stay in Chicago. But we went to Northwestern and then we came here. This was the real part of the trip in terms of the history of playing basketball and Tom Izzo is one of the greatest coaches. I really want to say thanks to him and Wendy Brown for having us out. My kids will never forget this. What a crowd, what a place. I'm real honored to be here. I thought our kids played well, Gerald Brown did not practice yesterday but he came out and had 25 points. He's a real scorer, he transferred from Providence. He's a Baltimore kid that's really from Baltimore. He set the tone for us. Omari Israel played in his third game and put up eight (points) and eight (rebounds) against those guys. In fact we rebounded equally with them. I will take that as a victory, one of my greatest coaching victories in three years as a head coach that we can stay even in rebounding with Michigan State. Tom Izzo is the best rebounding coach in America. We are a mid-major, we get better by playing majors. We have to win our league or we don't go to the NCAA tournament and this game prepared us and this trip prepared us. It's great to be here, even though we lost I'm really happy with the way we played.

On the differences between the halves...
I keep watching the box scores, I think Tom's a better coach than me. He keeps making better adjustments at halftime. He seems to always get the better of people in the second half, plus he wears you down. They wear you down, you can't chase Neitzel forever and they make good adjustments. And I told that kid Gray he reminded me of Chris Wilcox and to keep working.