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Post-Game Quotes

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Michigan State Head Coach John L. Smith

I'm proud of our kids, they came out, they played hard...they did a lot of good things today. We made too many mistakes when it counted and we didn't finish it up and I take credit for that as a coach - we didn't finish. I guess tomorrow we'll have to find out what we're made of, and see if we can improve.

I'm so proud of our kids, I thought they played with heart, they played with emotion. We have to make better calls and better plays. I don't have a lot to say other than that, we'll get up tomorrow and go to work.

On the play calling with 6 minutes to go in the 4th quarter

I thought we got conservative but then again I don't know how comfortable Drew felt at that time...yeah, we got conservative and probably should have come out and come back and started throwing it because it (the rain) had let up a little bit. Drew played his heart out, he's a great competitor.

Notre Dame Head Coach Charlie Weis

Opening statement

I think the players were starting to realize at halftime that the season was falling into their hands. After the game they played last week and then we are down big at halftime, it was like `Well fellas, what's it going to be? Are we going to come out here and give it a chance to win the game?' The defense I thought was exceptional again on third downs. We lost the ball, we needed the ball back, and they got us the ball back. Eventually it was a turnover to give us the lead, and then a turnover at the end of the game to ice it. I am especially proud of our defense.

Pinpointing a change in the game

I think when we threw the touchdown pass to get it to 10. It was like `Okay, now we have a shot.' I thought maybe a big play in the game was when their kick-off guy declared himself down at the 10-11 yard line. Really, that gave us a chance to pin them back there, and we ended up getting the turnover to take the lead.



How the players feel...

Well, as low as they were last week at this time, that's how high they are right now. Those of you that know me know that it's a lot easier to coach when you are on the winning end - with all the mistakes we made. We have to make sure that we don't get on an emotional roller coaster. You don't want to be too low, or too high - and right now, it's a pretty high high. This is a tough one to beat, because this game meant a lot to us.

What was said at halftime...

I said, don't worry about the plays, I'll call the plays, that's not going to be the issue. The issue is going to be how important it is to you. For us to have any chance, it just wasn't going to be the defense playing good, it was going to have to be everybody making enough plays for us to have a chance.

Junior Running Back Jehuu Caulcrick

On the frustration of the loss...

"Any loss is tough, it's just a shame that we didn't finish. We played great football in the first half, and we just didn't come out and execute in the second half."

On where the team goes from here...

"We know we have to put this behind us and get ready for the Big Ten season. This game doesn't dictate whether we win the Big Ten or not, so we have to get ready for Illinois next week. It's just like a win - you live in it for the day and the next day you move on."

Freshman Linebacker Adam Decker

On what coaches told him when he entered the game for David Herron...

"What they have been telling David: Watch out for draws, screens, and their tendencies. Mainly to focus on my job."

Senior Cornerback Demond Williams

On the weather conditions:

"It was very slippery, we couldn't get our legs planted and my cleats were slipping.

Going into Illinois next week:

We are just going to reload, come back and get a win.

Notre Dame Senior Safety Tom Zbikowski

On the comeback...

This is probably the biggest comeback I have ever been a part of. Last year was pretty big, but to finally get a win against them was pretty big.

On coming out flat in the first quarter...

They have a lot of firepower; they came out fresh in the first quarter. From now on, we just need to make sure we come out and play a complete 60 minutes instead of just the last 30 minutes.

Comparing this game to last year's game...

We have come back before, like last year, we were in the exact same situation. We just knew that we had to keep coming out and making plays. Especially when the weather is like it was, you never know what is going to happen.

On playing this game on the road...

It had a different feel since we were on the road this year. Holding on to the ball is not the easiest thing to do in this weather, you never know what is going to happen. We knew in the end plays would be made, and that is what happened.

Notre Dame Senior Defensive Lineman Trevor Laws

On his individual play...

I haven't gotten a chance to look at the individual stats, but I though I played pretty well tonight, but the way they ran the ball on us, it is hard to say how any of us on the line played.

On how they pressured Stanton in the fourth quarter...

We switched up our coverage schemes a little bit and ran some different things at him inside to get more pressure against him. It ended up working out.

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