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Post-Game Quotes

Oct. 27, 2007

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On regulation:
"First of all we're very disappointed as all of you could probably realize that by now. I thought Iowa did a great job coming back and we played a very good first half, up 17-3 and all of a sudden it almost flip-flopped in the second half. We were unable to run the football in the second half. We were unable to stop the run in the second half. We didn't come up with any turnovers; they came up with one that didn't hurt us. I thought we did a great job battling back at the end of regulation to make a play and kick a field goal."

On overtime:
"We got sacked, they pressured the quarterback and they made plays at the end of the game to win. Give credit to Iowa, they kept playing. It's very tough, I think, in the Big Ten to win away. I thought their crowd did an outstanding job staying in the game and their players just hung around and if you keep hanging around, keep fighting, good things will happen and that's what happened."

On Iowa's second half:
"Usually, when a team gets a chance to regroup, they come back out the second half and they firm up a little bit and that's what Iowa did. They found a way to run the football a little bit and busted one and all of a sudden it was 17-10 and momentum starts to turn, and that's what happened."



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