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Post-Game Quotes: Minnesota

Nov. 24, 2012

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Michigan State Head Coach Mark Dantonio

On the game...
"I thought our guys came and played. We had a lot of resolve when we came to this football game today. I just felt that as we got to Minneapolis last night, and then really throughout the day. We played through the tough times in the game."

"I thought, obviously, Le'Veon Bell played very well. ...We ran the football very, very efficiently, probably the best we have all season. So credit Le'Veon and the offensive line there."

On his statement earlier this week when he said the Spartans would win...
"I think it was important that whatever we said, it was positive throughout the entire week, that we took a positive tone in terms of what we were going to do, and that we were going to be proactive and just speak very positively. I felt like if we came to play, we'd win the football game. As you can see, nothing's easy. Nevertheless, we got through it."

On the tipped pass that Bennie Fowler caught for a touchdown...
"I had a flashback, because that's one of the things that happened in '09 up here, was a tipped pass for a touchdown. You make your own breaks. I thought that Bennie having the awareness and the alertness to be able to handle that, that's part of it. That's part of his ability."

On the offensive line's play...
"I thought the game plan to run the football against what they did was very effective. I thought our offensive line played very effectively. It's good to see. ...When you look and you see some of the statistics, you wonder why the game isn't a little bit more lopsided. But you've got to score touchdowns in the red zone. We've kicked a lot of field goals this year, and those are things that we've got to work on as we go into bowl season."

Michigan State Players

RB Le'Veon Bell

On reaching 1,500 yards...
"It's a great accomplishment for me, but at the end of the day it's a total team effort. I can't do it without the offensive line, receivers against the safeties, (Andrew) Maxwell making the right choice at the line of scrimmage, and of course the coaches calling the plays and putting trust in me. It's a total team effort."

On if this was as good as he has felt running the ball...
"Close to it. I felt really good today. (It was a) cold day, but I like playing in the cold."

QB Andrew Maxwell

On Bell's play...
"It was the best game I think I've ever seen him play. He did everything that was asked of him. What we asked him to do was really carry the ball and pound the rock and take some time off the clock. He had the hot hand, and the offensive line was physically dominant up front. You've got to go with what's working."

WR Bennie Fowler

On the tipped pass that he caught for a touchdown...
"We had two shallow routes, and I had a corner. The corner broke on (Tony Lippett's) route pretty good. He was able to tip that ball, and it went right to me. I was able to turn it up and get the touchdown."



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