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Football Media Day: Offense

Aug. 7, 2017

2017 Spartan Football Media Day Photo Gallery

EAST LANSING, Mich. -- Michigan State held its annual media day Monday afternoon in the Izzo Family Media Center inside Spartan Stadium.

Below are quotes from the offensive players that spoke at media day.

Sophomore quarterback Brian Lewerke:

Q. How's everything feeling one week into camp?
It's feeling really good. I'm feeling good about how our offense is looking. I'm feeling really good about our team chemistry overall. I've got a really good feel for this team.

Q. We asked you about you leadership after the first practice last week. You said you were trying to make that extra effort to talk to guys you might normal talk to and reach out. How's that been going?
I think pretty good. I've definitely reached to guys like you said that I haven't really talked too much. I think I've done a good job of just trying to open myself up to people that I may not know.

Q. At what point do you feel like, especially in your position you're at, that this becomes your team?
Once the season gets started, once we get rolling, once we get some plays and once you get chemistry with your teammates is when it kind of gets started.

Q. What do you think of all the haircuts going on on this team?
Hopefully my hair looks fine, I didn't really check it out too much, but I think it's funny. It's obviously like a camp thing, maybe will roll into the season. I'm loving all of the haircuts.

Q. Would you say you have the best hair on the team?
I would have to say I do. I would have to agree with that.

Q. Obviously it's a young team, but also a young receiving corps. What challenges come along with that?
I think challenges may be, they just don't know their routes, but I think the young guys study a lot and they work hard. They are definitely trying to get their positions where they can play. I think by studying the playbook is the easiest way to get on the field and they are doing a really good job at it so far.

Q. You said last week that the guys were starting to listen to you a lot more and respect you as a leader. How's that changed since last season?
I don't know if it has changed a ton. Obviously I was a little younger and the team was a little older and I think I have kind of grown into the age group that most of the guys are on the team. I think that is one of the main differences.

Junior running back LJ Scott:

Q. A lot of people are obviously going to talk about this running back group of how much talent you guys have returning, yourself included. How much are you guys as a whole unit trying to step up and be one of the key groups to lead this team?
Knowing that we all played and have experience on the field from the previous years and the guys around us are younger than us. The fact that we know that we have experience we are just trying to take more leadership on the field as off the field. As a group you know, we are just trying to keep doing what we do, pick each other up, are always there for each other, and keep working hard.

Q. What gives you confidence that Lewerke is the guy and that he is going to be able to do some things offensively?
Seeing the work. He came in as a freshman last year and took big parts of the game. Not only taking big parts, but doing good things while taking those big parts. I think he'll be very successful especially with three experienced running backs around him. I think right now he is looking good and he's pretty comfortable right now.

Q. With hearing the numbers three and nine so much during last season and in the offseason, how much more focused are you on 1-0?
Obviously that's the main focus. 3-9 is something we didn't want to do and didn't obviously expect. As of now, the goal is put that behind us and focus on the moment and what is in front of us and that is Bowling Green right now.

Senior offensive lineman Brian Allen:

Q. If you had to pick one guy on the O-line, who do you think is going to surprise a lot of people?
I really think the whole line in general. A lot of them haven't had a lot of playing experience.

Q. What's it like playing for Coach Staten?
He makes it a brotherhood in the room and he's just the dad at the head. It's just fun and I love being there everyday just hanging out with your guys. It really is a good position group to be in here. Everyone's friends and always cracking jokes and especially this time during the year. It's just a fun atmosphere that he gives us.

Senior running back Gerald Holmes:

Q. How different is the locker room, the atmosphere so far?
It definitely has been a change. Guys are just enjoying each other. Being in camp, I've been thinking, `this is my last year' so I've been getting a little teary eyed. But, I've been talking to all of the young guys and telling them to have fun. Enjoy what you're doing.

Q. As a group of running backs, do you look around and think `we're young at quarterback and wide receivers' so we need to carry this offense?
Yes, we definitely do. I said it a couple of practices ago. I kind of mentioned that we need to put this on our shoulders and carry the team to where we want to go. We have a more experienced group on the team and it's a position that you can kind of be creative with and fluent with.

Q. How much do you want to be "that guy" that carries 25+ times a game?
I want to be that guy a lot. I feel like I train myself, my mentality and my physical ability to deal with five carries, 10 carries, 20 carries, whatever is in store for me. At the end of the day the team is the most important thing and for my running back group, whoever is in will get the job done.

Q. LJ Scott said you guys bring it up to the coaches a lot, but are you trying to find ways to get all of you guys on the field?
We've been saying it for a while. I feel like for us three, we're a threat to other teams. If we switch off it's hard to key on three different backs. I feel like the time for three of us at the same time is coming, so hopefully for my last year it might happen.

Senior quarterback Damion Terry:

Q. The numbers say that when MSU has a bad year under Coach Dantonio, the next year is a Big Ten Championship. Does it have to be a slow rise, or can you keep that train going?
We can keep that train going. Like you said, it all starts with the head man. Coach D, he has a great plan, and all of the captains, they're setting great examples and showing everyone what it takes. The intensity of practice and being Spartan Tough and having a Spartan Tough defense, it really brings the intensity out of guys especially with our offensive lineman and defensive lineman, they need to step up. It goes a long way. We really believe it. We all have one goal. We're all going to tread upward. We like it to go faster rather than slow. We're taking this into Bowling Green.

Q. Talk about the quarterback competition going on with you guys. What's it like everyday?
It's good. (Quarterbacks coach) Coach Salem keeps a good room. We live in a world where as a QB and you don't play right away, you're transferring right away. It hasn't been that way here. It's good though. We all push each other. It'd be naive for us to say that Brian's not the guy right now. We've heard everything, we've seen everything but we're all getting number one reps. We've all been throwing the ball, I think, really well. We're just going to keep pushing each other every day. None of us have many riffs or anything. We're just trying to get better. We trust the coaches to put in whoever the best guy is.



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