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Cal 38, Michigan State 31

Aug. 31, 2008

Head Coach Mark Dantonio
Opening Statement:
"You get down there and have to make plays. We kept playing; I like the way we competed. Give credit to Cal, they played with class and came ready to play as well. We had chances and came back. One of the key plays of the game was (Kevin) Riley's throw to Cameron Morrah when we had him trapped. He just fluttered it up there and the guy made the catch. We had chances; I think we were down by three at the time. We will go back and critique what we've got; we will be ready to play next week. There is no quit in this football team."

On Failing to Capitalize On Opportunities:
"Obviously we left some points off the board in the first half. When we had some opportunities down there and found ourselves inside the 30-yard line, you have got to get some points. We missed a field goal, had a punt blocked; that's 10 points. We had a (Javon) Ringer touchdown called back because of holding. Mark Dell makes an outstanding catch, but they re-play it. (B.J.) Cunningham makes an outstanding catch, but they call interference."

On the Team's Youth:
"We got a little worn down. We are playing younger players. It's really loud out there and you need to call a guy into the gap and couldn't hear him and experience didn't allow him to get in there, but our guys kept playing. We had some big plays from (Otis) Wiley. (Javon) Ringer played well, Mark Dell played well. We made our share of plays, and even at the end we kept playing."

On Michigan State's Penalties:
"I am going to have to look at some of the penalties. I would say there are some things you can control and maybe some things you can't control. You get a hold on the goal line, that's a big one. A facemask on the reverse. We had a lot of penalties; that's uncharacteristic of what we did last year. We have got to work on that."



On Making Mistakes:
"We cannot beat ourselves. Bad snap on the punt. It wasn't something they did; it was a bad snap. They had one too. Sometimes early in the season those things happen. We missed a filed goal too; that's 10 points. We had a touchdown and got called for holding; that's 17 points in the first half alone. When those things happen, it's tough to rebound. "

Senior Quarterback Brian Hoyer
On constantly trying to get back in the game:
"I think our defense did a great job and we came back in the second half and put some points on the board. We need to get on the same page at the same time. Give Cal a lot of credit, they made plays when they had to, but I really think that we took this game away from ourselves. We made too many mistakes, whether it was turning the ball over or penalties. We can't do that when we're inside the 30 and have the opportunity to score."

On the Cal defense:
"I think we did a great job preparing. What we prepared for, they came out and did. Obviously, they came out in the 3-4. They mixed it up a little bit, but I don't know if they confused us, it just took us a while to get going. Thank God our defense kept it close in the first half."

Senior Strong Safety Otis Wiley
On the tough loss:
"This is a tough loss, of course. We made some mistakes in the beginning. It's hard to capitalize, but we fought back. That just shows how tough our team is. It's maybe a little victory in defeat because we're going to learn from this and we'll be back next week in East Lansing against Eastern Michigan and hopefully capitalize and get a win."

On Michigan State's defense getting worn down in the second half:
"I don't really know what was going on. They were just pounding us. I don't know if it was miscommunication or the calls, but we need to get better at that. We'll look at it on the film tomorrow and get better as a defense."

Sophomore Wide Receiver Mark Dell
On feeling like he would be the go-to receiver tonight:
"It's just about getting open. Going up to the line, you don't expect to get the ball like that, you just have to do your best to try to get open. It wasn't just me. B.J. (Cunningham) had some good catches early on and throughout the game. Blair White made some good catches in the two-minute drives. It was good all around for our receivers."

On any positives of the game:
"Well we didn't win the game, so we didn't do enough and that's the main thing. We didn't come to California just to play well and almost win like last year. It was about getting over the hump and I don't think we performed like we should have. We came out in the first half and we were flat. We have to go all four quarters, not just the second half."

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