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Shane Jones Feature: Everywhere He Needs to Be

Oct. 5, 2017

By Brandi Scarber, MSU Athletic Communications Student Assistant

For some people, being the master of one craft is a great aspiration. For senior linebacker Shane Jones, being a master of many things has become his claim to fame.

In his five years as a Spartan, Jones has managed to learn how to play all three linebacker positions and is one of the team’s handymen when it comes to getting things done on defense.

Coming to MSU from Cincinnati, Ohio, Jones has found his niche in being able to be a utility player for the Spartan defense, someone who can be wherever the team needs him to be.

On the field isn’t the only place where Jones has shown his versatility though. Jones also prides himself on being one of the veterans on the team’s Eagles Leadership Council.

“Being a leader is everything. You’ve got to lead on and off the field. We’ve got to be able to be approachable, that’s the one thing that I really take away from it is being approachable,” Jones said. “I feel like anybody can come up and talk to me about anything they’re going through. Just having people around that you call your brothers but they really are your brothers. It’s special.”

As someone who considers himself a “pretty outspoken guy,” Jones feels like all of his experiences and skills will translate well when it comes to pursuing a career in journalism.

“Anybody can come up and talk to me, and if you’re a journalist, you know you have to be able to talk, so it fits me pretty well,” Jones said.

He isn’t sure where exactly his degree will take him, but in true Shane Jones fashion he is doing all he can to learn as much about the field as possible.

“The more you can do the more you’ll be used,” Jones said, a saying that he puts to good meaning both on and off the field. “So, it’s taking everything, whatever we learn on the football field, whatever we learn in our meeting rooms or anywhere else here in the football building, you kind of take it and apply it to your life in different ways.”



In his final year, Jones’s motto is “just get it done.” And his dedication and knack for, in his words, “making sure I’m doing everything right,” shows that he won’t fall short.

“It’s the only thing going through my mind. Just get it done. Week in and week out, just get it done. Whatever it is. I have complete confidence in my team, and I know we’re going to fight every game. So as long as we can do that, I’ll be happy.”

While his 55 tackles in 33 career games, including four career starts at middle linebacker, might be what Jones is most known for on campus, his fondest memories of MSU stretch far beyond the football field.

“It’s definitely been one of the best experiences of my life, you know, I grew up a lot here. I went through a lot of things here that I’ve learned from,” Jones said. “I met a lot of great people here; I’ve loved every minute of my time here man. These five years, they went fast, but, I’ve enjoyed every moment of it.”

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