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Valero Alamo Bowl Media Center: Monday
Trenton Robinson during the team's second practice session on Monday at Alamo Heights High School in San Antonio. Matthew Mitchell/MSU Athletic Communications
Trenton Robinson during the team's second practice session on Monday at Alamo Heights High School in San Antonio. Matthew Mitchell/MSU Athletic Communications

Dec. 28, 2009

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SAN ANTONIO, Texas - Following Michigan State's practice on Monday, several players met with the media at the Marriott Rivercenter to talk about the upcoming Valero Alamo Bowl against Texas Tech.

The Spartans (6-6) and Red Raiders (8-4) meet Saturday, Jan. 2 at 9 p.m. EST in the Alamodome. The game will be televised on ESPN.

Sophomore wide receiver Keshawn Martin

On being a multi-purpose threat and getting a chance to make plays as a kick returner, punt returner, receiver and running back...
"It's been exciting for me because the coaching staff trusts me out there. When I made the big plays, it got exciting because now the other team has to look out for that x factor. It's been exciting, fun, and I'm definitely happy about it."

On his favorite role...
"I would have to say the kick return. I try to return every kick well and get yards to make it easier for the offense. I'm definitely trying to take one all the way back to the house."

On his patience as a returner...
"I was never a kick returner in high school. I'm not sure where the patience comes from (while returning), I guess it's just a mindset."

On adjusting from being a high school quarterback to a wide receiver in college...
"Last year was difficult, trying to learn routes and all of that. I worked hard on that and I think this year I have it down. I was better this year than last year, and I'm looking to get even better at it next year."

Senior right guard Brendon Moss

On starting in this year's bowl game...
"It's been everything that I've worked for. Everything's starting to really come together. I'm excited - I've been waiting for this since I was a little kid. I've always watched people in bowl games. We're excited to play. There's nothing like it."

On the first two days in San Antonio after all of the bowl practices in East Lansing and the holiday break...
"It's been such a relief. I'm not trying to say we're not doing anything, that it's a relief (from work), it's just been a great experience coming down here. It's a little bit colder (than we thought), but we're getting sunlight. In Michigan, there are clouds's great to be down here."

On establishing the running game...
"You can't see it in the stats and you can't really see it when you're watching it on TV, but when you're down there on the ground level in the trenches, you can tell whose helmets are hitting whose. It's a great scene because you get in the huddle and look over at (Joel) Foreman and (Rocco) Cironi and know that you are smacking people. Or, there's been games where we haven't done that. If we can get it going, we'll be OK."

Sophomore safety Trenton Robinson

On the first two days in San Antonio...
"Practice has been going good. We've been making some adjustments, but we feel good out there."

On the biggest challenge of facing Texas Tech...
"Definitely the passing game. The defensive backs are going to have to step up this week because they throw the ball all the time."

On playing a team similar to Texas Tech this season...
"We haven't played a team that passes the ball this much. It will give us a chance to make plays on the ball. Every defensive back in the country loves to face a team that throws because you get a chance to make plays."

Red-shirt defensive end Tyler Hoover

On seeing time as a red-shirt freshman compared to sitting out last season...
"The more you play, the more experience you get, and that time on the field has obviously helped me grow as a player this year. The upperclassmen (Trevor Anderson, Colin Neely) are always helping me out; we're always coaching up each other.

(Defensive line) Coach (Ted) Gill has definitely made me a better player this year as well. He really teaches technique. I'm confident Coach Gill will develop me into a better player every year."

On facing Texas Tech and the spread offense...
"We're excited to go up against Texas Tech. We all love playing the pass rush game, so we're looking forward to getting after it. We feel good going into this game."




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