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2013 Big Ten Championship Game
Champion of the Legends Division vs. Champion of the Leaders Division
(Televised by FOX Sports)
Saturday, December 7, 2013, 8:17PM EST
Indianapolis, Indiana
Lucas Oil Stadium

Who is eligible to request tickets from MSU?

Will MSU be selling tickets to fans that are not Spartan Fund Members, Spartan Season Ticket Holders or MSU Students?
Public can purchase tickets at

How will seats be assigned?
Requests for tickets will be filled in Spartan Fund priority order, with the priority ticket limits listed.

  • 1st Priority - Donor priority orders, assigned first by donor level then Spartan Points within each level
  • 2nd Priority - Football season ticket holders who are not Spartan Fund members, by years of purchase
  • 3rd Priority - Alumni orders

Points Matter!
A request does not guarantee your purchase of the game tickets. Requests will be filled based on Spartan Fund Member Priority Order, first by annual membership level and then by Spartan Points within each annual membership level.

Can I become a Spartan Fund Member to improve my chances of getting tickets?
No, requests will be considered and assigned based on the membership level as of the June 30th deadline.

How much are tickets?
$175 club-level tickets; only Scholarship, Champions Circle and Ambassador Spartan Fund members are eligible to request club level tickets as well as Morrill Society, Beal Society, Williams Society, Wharton Society and Kedzie Society. All other tickets are $80 each. Requests that cannot be filled at the $175 level will be considered at the $80 level.

How will I know if I receive tickets?
E-mails will be sent after 6PM on Tuesday, 11.26.13 to the e-mail address on file with the Spartan Ticket Office.

Why can't I select my seats when I place my order?
MSU, like other institutions, assigns seats in donor-priority order. With this method it is necessary to take orders until the priority deadline of Tuesday, November 26th 6PM. We then evaluate the number of tickets requested with the available seats. Once we are sure we can accommodate all of the requests, seats will be assigned in Spartan Fund priority order.

Where are the seats located?
South-west corner of Lucas Oil Stadium

What if I order tickets and later decide I cannot use them?
Cancellations (less the processing fee) will be accepted until noon on Wednesday, November 27, 2013.

Where will I pick my tickets up and can someone else pick them up for me?
All tickets will be sent via email with a pdf attachment with print-at-home ticket(s). Your tickets will be emailed to you and you will need to print them off in order to gain admittance to the game.

What about parking?

How many tickets can I request? Donor and Season Ticket Holder deadline = Tuesday, November 26th

Ambassadors ($50K+)
Request up to 12 ($175 or $80)
Champions Circle ($25K)
Request up to 10 ($175 or $80)
Scholarship Level ($10K)
Request up to 8 ($175 or $80)
Beal Society ($10M) Request up to 8 ($175 or $80)
Williams Society ($5M) Request up to 8 ($175 or $80)
Wharton Society ($2.5M) Request up to 8 ($175 or $80)
Kedzie Society ($1M) Request up to 8 ($175 or $80)
Directors Club ($5K)
Request up to 6 ($80)
Shaw Society ($500K) Request up to 6 ($80)
Abbott Society ($250K) Request up to 6 ($80)
Honorary Coach ($2K)
Request up to 6 ($80)
Snyder Society ($100K) Request up to 6 ($80)
Hannah Society ($50K) Request up to 6 ($80)
Captains Club ($1K)
Request up to 4 ($80)
Beaumont Tower ($25K) Request up to 4 ($80)
Green & White Club ($500)
Request up to 4 ($80)
Sparty Club ($250)
Request up to 4 ($80)
President's Club ($10K) Request up to 4 ($80)
1855 Club Request up to 4 ($80)
Ralph Young Club ($100)
Request up to 4 ($80) - refunded
Spartan Backer ($50)
Request up to 4 ($80) - refunded
Season Ticket Holder
NON DONOR - Request up to 4 ($80) - refunded
NON DONOR - Request up to 4 - beginning November 28 - not available
Students - beginning Nov. 26th
Purchase up to 2 until sold out! ($40)
Alumni - beginning Nov. 28th
Alumni- purchase up to 4 until sold out, not available - online only $80

Annual Athletics Gift
Lifetime University Gifts

How will I receive my tickets?
Tickets will be sent as print-at-home tickets (via email) by Sunday, December 1st. EMAIL ADDRESS MUST BE ON FILE WITH THE SPARTAN TICKET OFFICE TO PLACE A REQUEST.

Are there any travel packages?

Do children need a ticket?
Yes, everyone - regardless of age needs a ticket.

Will there be a pep rally?

Where can I get more information regarding other events?

Where will the Spartan Fans be hanging out?
Champions, Colts Grille, O'Reilly's Irish Bar & Restaurant, Slippery Noodle Inn, High Velocity and Hard Rock Café.

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