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Series Sweep in Munn Arena
Spartans: vs. Western Michigan, 3/7-8/97 (CCHA playoffs)
Opponent: vs. Miami, 2/10-11/95
Series Sweep on the Road
Spartans: at Miami and BGSU, 11/22-23/96
  same team: at Illinois-Chicago, 1/26-27/96
Opponent: at Boston College and Northeastern, 10/25/96, 10/27/96
  same team: at Western Michigan, 3/1-2/91 (CCHA playoffs)
Team Scored 10 Goals
Spartans:  vs. Ohio State, 12/6/91, MSU 12-4
Opponent:  at Lake Superior, 2/11/94, LSSU 11-1
Team had 40 Shots
Spartans: vs. Ohio State, 2/23/97, OSU 8-3 (45 shots)
Opponent: vs. Michigan, 2/4/95, U-M 5-3 (41 shots)
Team had 50 Shots
Spartans: vs. West. Ontario, 10/12/96, MSU 7-2 (53 shots)
Opponent: at Wisconsin, 2/20/81, MSU 5-3 (54 shots)
Player Had a Hat Trick
Spartan: Steve Ferranti, vs. W. Ont., 10/12/96, MSU 7-2
Opponent: Joe Blaznek, at LSSU, 1/11/97, 4-4 OT
Player Scored Four Goals
Spartan: Anson Carter vs. LSSU, 11/23/93, MSU 6-4
Opponent: Kurt Miller, at LSSU, 2/11/94, LSSU 11-1
Player Scored Five Goals
Spartan: Mike Donnelly vs. Ohio State, 12/14/85, MSU 6-5 OT
Opponent: Mark Taylor, vs. N. Dakota, 11/23/79, ND 9-2
Player Had Five Assists
Spartan: Dwayne Norris vs. Ohio St., 12/6/91, MSU 12-4
Opponent: David Roberts, Michigan, 1/30/93, UM 11-1 (JLA)
Player Had Five Points
Spartan: Steve Ferranti (3-2), vs. Western Ontario, 10/12/96, MSU 7-2
Opponent: Kurt Miller (4-1), at Lake Superior, 2/11/94, LSSU 11-1
Player Scored a SHG
Spartan: Shawn Horcoff, vs.Minn., 3/22/97, Minn. 6-3 (NCAAs)
Opponent: Joe Blaznek, vs. LSSU, 2/15/97, MSU 6-3
Player Scored an OT Goal
Spartan: Brian Crane vs. Miami, 3/14/97 (CCHA playoffs, JLA) 
Opponent: Matt Cressman, at WMU, 1/31/97
Goal with Goalie Pulled 
Spartan: Mike Watt at Notre Dame, 2/28/97, MSU 3-2 (delayed penalty)
Opponent: Joe Blaznek, at LSSU, 1/11/97, 4-4 OT
Player Scored An ENG
Spartan: Mike Watt vs. WMU, 3/8/97, MSU 3-1
Opponent: Dale Rominski, vs. Michigan, 3/15/97, UM 3-1 (CCHA playoffs, JLA)
Goalie Had 40 Saves in a Game
Spartan: Mike Buzak vs. Minn., 46, 11/25/94, Minn. 3-2
Opponent: Tom Connerty, vs. Ohio State, 42, 2/23/97, OSU 8-3
Goalie Had 50 Saves in a Game
Spartan: Ron Scott vs. Wisconsin, 51, 2/20/81, MSU 5-3
Opponent: Kurt Brown, vs. OSU, 53, 2/13/93, MSU 7-1
Shutout Recorded at Munn Arena
By Spartans: Chad Alban vs. OSU, 1/24/97, MSU 3-0 
By Opponent: vs. LSSU, 12/9/95, LSSU 3-0 (Sean Kulick)
Shutout Recorded on Road
By Spartan: Chad Alban at Bowling Green, 3/1/97, T 0-0
By Opponent: vs. BGSU, 3/1/97, T 0-0 (Bob Petrie)
Penalty Shot Taken
By Spartans: Richard Keyes vs. Maine @ Anaheim, 10/15/95, Maine 4-3 (stopped by Blair Allison)
By Opponent: Cody Bowtell, vs. Alaska Fairbanks, 11/8/96, UAF 5-2 (goal past Chad Alban)
  SAVE: Brendan Concannon, vs. UMass-Lowell, 3/23/96, UML 6-2 (stopped by Chad Alban) (NCAAs)
Scoreless Tie
MSU at Bowling Green, 3/1/97 
  (third all-time)
Non-Capacity Crowd at Munn Arena 
Spartans vs. Western Mich., 3/8/97, MSU 4-1; 6,047 (CCHA first round)
Non-Capacity Regular-Season Crowd at Munn Arena
MSU vs. Ohio State, 12/15/85; 6,196*
*Capacity in 1986 was 6,255 (currently 6,170). MSU has had 196-straight regular-season sellouts and has a record of 140-42-14 (.750) during the streak.

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