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NCAA Championship Summary

Year    Champion            Runner-Up          Third Place                     Fourth Place       Site
1948    Michigan            Dartmouth          Boston College/Colorado College                    Colorado Springs, Colo.
1949    Boston College      Dartmouth          Michigan                        Colorado College   Colorado Springs, Colo.
1950    Colorado College    Boston University  Michigan                        Boston College     Colorado Springs, Colo.
1951    Michigan            Brown              Boston University               Colorado College   Colorado Springs, Colo.
1952    Michigan            Colorado College   Yale                            St. Lawrence       Colorado Springs, Colo.
1953    Michigan            Minnesota          Rensselaer                      Boston University  Colorado Springs, Colo.
1954    Rensselaer          Minnesota          Michigan                        Boston College     Colorado Springs, Colo.
1955    Michigan            Colorado College   Harvard                         St. Lawrence       Colorado Springs, Colo.
1956    Michigan            Michigan Tech      St. Lawrence                    Boston College     Colorado Springs, Colo.
1957    Colorado College    Michigan           Clarkson                        Harvard            Colorado Springs, Colo.
1958    Denver              North Dakota       Clarkson                        Harvard            Minneapolis, Minn.
1959    North Dakota        MICHIGAN STATE     Boston College                  St. Lawrence       Troy, N.Y.
1960    Denver              Michigan Tech      Boston University               St. Lawrence       Boston, Mass.
1961    Denver              St. Lawrence       Minnesota                       Rensselaer         Denver, Colo.
1962    Michigan Tech       Clarkson           Michigan                        St. Lawrence       Hamilton, N.Y.
1963    North Dakota        Denver             Clarkson                        Boston College     Boston, Mass.
1964    Michigan            Denver             Rensselaer                      Providence         Denver, Colo.
1965    Michigan Tech       Boston College     North Dakota                    Brown              Providence, R.I.
1966    MICHIGAN STATE      Clarkson           Denver                          Boston University  Minneapolis, Minn.
1967    Cornell             Boston University  MICHIGAN STATE                  North Dakota       Syracuse, N.Y.
1968    Denver              North Dakota       Cornell                         Boston College     Duluth, Minn.
1969    Denver              Cornell            Harvard                         Michigan Tech      Colorado Springs, Colo.
1970    Cornell             Clarkson           Wisconsin                       Michigan Tech      Lake Placid, N.Y.
1971    Boston University   Minnesota          Denver                          Harvard            Syracuse, N.Y.
1972    Boston University   Cornell            Wisconsin                       Denver             Boston, Mass.
1973    Wisconsin           Denver             Boston College                  Cornell            Boston, Mass.
1974    Minnesota           Michigan Tech      Boston University               Harvard            Boston, Mass.
1975    Michigan Tech       Minnesota          Boston University               Harvard            St. Louis, Mo.
1976    Minnesota           Michigan Tech      Brown                           Boston University  Denver, Colo.
1977    Wisconsin           Michigan           Boston University               New Hampshire      Detroit, Mich.
1978    Boston University   Boston College     Bowling Green                   Wisconsin          Providence, R.I.
1979    Minnesota           North Dakota       Dartmouth                       New Hampshire      Detroit, Mich.
1980    North Dakota        Northern Michigan  Dartmouth                       Cornell            Providence, R.I.
1981    Wisconsin           Minnesota          Michigan Tech                   Northern Michigan  Duluth, Minn.
1982    North Dakota        Wisconsin          Northeastern                    New Hampshire      Providence, R.I.
1983    Wisconsin           Harvard            Providence                      Minnesota          Grand Forks, N.D.
1984    Bowling Green       Minnesota-Duluth   North Dakota                    MICHIGAN STATE     Lake Placid, N.Y.
1985    Rensselaer          Providence         Minnesota-Duluth                Boston College     Detroit, Mich.
1986    MICHIGAN STATE      Harvard            Minnesota                       Denver             Providence, R.I.
1987    North Dakota        MICHIGAN STATE     Minnesota                       Harvard            Detroit, Mich.
1988    Lake Superior       St. Lawrence       Maine                           Minnesota          Lake Placid, N.Y.
1989    Harvard             Minnesota          MICHIGAN STATE                  Maine              St. Paul, Minn.
1990    Wisconsin           Colgate            Boston College/Boston University                   Detroit, Mich.
1991    Northern Michigan   Boston University  Clarkson/Maine                                     St. Paul, Minn.
1992    Lake Superior       Wisconsin          MICHIGAN STATE/Michigan                            Albany, N.Y.
1993    Maine               Lake Superior      Boston University/Michigan                         Milwaukee, Wis.
1994    Lake Superior       Boston University  Harvard/Minnesota                                  St. Paul, Minn.
1995    Boston University   Maine              Michigan/Wisconsin                                 Providence, R.I.
1996    Michigan            Colorado College   Vermont/Boston University                          Cincinnati, Ohio
1997    North Dakota        Boston University  Colorado College/Michigan                          Milwaukee, Wis.
*No Consolation games played in 1948, and from 1990 to present

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