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Providence 5, Michigan State 3



Dec. 29, 2007

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Michigan State Head Coach Rick Comley

On the lack of emotion from the players against Providence...
There was absolutely zero emotion there today. But let me remind you that last night was a good, hard-fought game. But at time, we played today like it was only a consolation game, a game that didn't mean anything. And that's alarming to me, obviously.

It's an emotional sport; you have to play with emotion. You watched it; you saw the lack of effort that was put in by many players. But we'll practice early tomorrow morning, not Monday.

On the turnover issue...
At times, we played pretty well before Christmas, down that stretch. But if your mind isn't in it, then you're sloppy and careless. That showed up many times today.

On Jeff Lerg's play against Providence...
I thought Jeff played well; he worked hard and played well. He's the greatest kid in college hockey. But he was all by himself today.

Michigan State Forward Bryan Lerg

On the loss to Providence...
I don't think there was any heart. There is a ton of talent in that room, and we didn't show talent or teamwork tonight. We didn't want it, and they wanted it more than we did. And that is why they won.

On what the team will take away from the weekend...
The only thing you can take out of this weekend is, hopefully, it is a wakeup call for us. Maybe our record doesn't show us how good we are. We need to start playing as a team. Obviously, it all matters in the end, but these are games we would love to have won. We are very disappointed in ourselves; we need to get back on track, and show that we are a winning team, and play as a team. We need to show the effort that we care and want to be a winning team, and then take our step from there. There are no excuses for us losing these two games.



On his role as a captain...
These are key games that we would have loved to have won. We need to have a hard week of practice. We need to get that jump back into our skates, and show that we want to be the winning team that we are. If it takes people knocking people down in practice, then that's what it should be every week. I think we just need to stay positive as a team, but it's tough after a weekend like this. I guess that's my job to keep the guys positive, and on the right track. I will take care of that aspect, and coach will do his on the ice.

Michigan State Defenseman Michael Ratchuk

On MSU's performance against the Friars...
In every period from the beginning, we would have a good start, but then we would begin to let up as the period went on. They wanted it more in the end.

On dropping the 2-1 lead...
I think when we went up 2-to-1, we might have got a little too comfortable. I think that is why they came back, and they deserved that win.

On resolving the turnover problem...
One of the things that coach always says when we go on the ice is that we need to play smart and hard. I think a couple of times we got the puck on our sticks, we maybe were gripping a little bit too tight and hard. We just weren't making smart plays, and I think 90 percent of their shots on net were due to our turnovers.


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