Q & A With Junior Midfielder Ben Pirmann

Oct. 17, 2006

EAST LANSING, Mich. - A feisty competitor, junior midfielder Ben Pirmann is one of the hardest working players on the Michigan State men's soccer team. With only a few games left in the regular season, Pirmann and the rest of the Spartans are gearing up for the post season, with their eyes set on a second Big Ten Championship. Pirmann took a minute to reflect on the season.

Q: What are the team's goals for this season?
We always have the goal to win the Big Ten regular season and tournament. We also want to make the NCAA tournament and do some damage there. We want to keep playing until Thanksgiving.

Q: As an upperclassman, how has your role changed this year?
I think that we are all leaders and we are the hard-working, blue-collar type. As an upperclassman the younger players are going to look at you more, so you have to work a bit harder.

Q: What younger players do you think will really step up in the next few years?
Josh Rogers and Zac Scaffidi are sophomores and are leaders already. We don't know a ton about the freshman but we think they'll step up.

Q: You've been taking the majority of the corner kicks so far this year. Can you talk about that?
On free kicks in general what we're trying to do is find Rauwshan McKenzie and Greg Janicki in the box because they're very good in the air. Kenzo Webster makes really good runs too, so we try and find him at the near post.

Q: Ryan McMahen took a lot of the corner kicks last year, how did it come about that you were the one to fill that role this year?
As a freshman and sophomore, any time he didn't feel comfortable taking it I was there. I worked with him a lot. I've taken a lot of free kicks and Matt Kreikemeier has as well. It's something we've worked on in training and we've gotten good at as a team.

Q: Who's the player on the team that is the toughest to guard in practice?
Probably Greg Janicki because he's so big and I'm a little guy.

Q: What's your role on the attack?
My role on the attack is to get balls within the box and try to create. Obviously I'm not looked at as a big finisher, but right now more than ever I need to score and the other outside guys need to score.

Q: Describe your style of play?
I think I'm pretty mentally stable so I try and get into the heads of other guys. I like to be first guy into a scrum. I'm kind of an enforcer. I'm a very outgoing personality but I'm not the biggest guy, so I think coaches would rather I stay out of that stuff sometimes.

Q: You switched from No. 12 last year to No. 23 this year, why the change?
I didn't get to choose my number as a freshman and they gave me No. 12. Everyone wanted me to keep it but I wanted a different number and No. 23 was the best one out.