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Jan. 13, 1997

Fourth-ranked Nittany Lions Edge Spartans; Meet Comes Down to Last Pin

Fourth-ranked Nittany Lions edge Spartans Meet comes down to last pin

MSU fell just short of upsetting #4 Penn State Sunday as Kerry McCoy won the meet's last match over Marco Sanchez to clinch the 19-18 PSU win. McCoy, a two-time All-American, holds a 107-1 record over the last three years.

"They gave us our money's worth," McCoy said about MSU. "I think they scared us a little at times."

Despite the loss, MSU had a good showing against PSU who has 5 nationally ranked wrestlers.

"I looked at Penn State's lineup and saw this kid is ranked, and he's ranked, and he's ranked and so on," said MSU coach Tom Minkel. "I said, 'This could be tough.'

"But at the same time I'm seeing a real maturity in our young wrestlers. It's hard to find the good when you lose, but our kids wrestled really hard. Penn State is a very good team."

118 Morgan (MSU) d. Hunter, 4-2
126 Betz (PSU) d. Nusbaum 17-5
134 Miller (MSU) d. Walizer, 5-3
142 Musser (PSU) d. Hakim, 7-4
150 Butville (PSU) d. Elderkin, 11-10
158 DeGrand (MSU) d. Romesburg, 6-2
167 Pritzlaff (PSU) d. Hill, 4-2
177 Harvey (MSU) d. Morici, 4:28
190 Picklo (MSU) d. Nedinger, 6-3
HWT McCoy (PSU) d. Sanchez, 5:22 

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