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Spartan Wrestling Takes Down Indiana, 21-20

David Cheza picked up a major decision for the Spartans at 165 pounds.

Jan. 15, 2012

Video Highlights

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Anthony Jones Jr. | Terry Turner

EAST LANSING, Mich. - Michigan State wrestling picked up its first conference win of the season, defeating Indiana, 21-20, at Jenison Field House Sunday afternoon. Michigan State led 20-16 heading into the final match at 141 pounds between Andrew Ermatinger and Matt Ortega of Indiana. Although Ortega recorded an 11-2 major decision over Ermatinger, the Spartans were awarded a tiebreaker point based on total match victories. MSU won six matches throughout the dual and Indiana won four.

The match was broadcasted by the Big Ten Network and will be shown Monday at 1 p.m. on BTN on a tape-delayed basis.

"We stayed together as a team a little better than we have in the past," said MSU head coach Tom Minkel. "Even though it's every guy for himself (on the mat), at the same time, we have to stick together as a team and pull as a team. There's a certain force that comes together when everyone is pulling for everybody, and that was kind of our mission today. Although we had some adversity early, we managed to stay together as a group."

The dual match started off at 149 pounds and No. 18 Dan Osterman lost by fall to Taylor Walsh of Indiana in 2:14.

No. 13 Anthony Jones Jr. got the Spartans (3-4, 1-3 Big Ten) back on track with a major decision over Ryan Konz of Indiana (6-4, 0-4 Big Ten), 18-6 at 157 pounds. Jones recorded seven takedowns in the match and added 1:54 of ride time to cut the Hoosier lead to 6-4.



"The previous night, against West Virginia, I didn't pick up major points," Anthony Jones Jr. said. "Saturday morning practice we went in and worked on a couple of new techniques and new strategies and it showed tonight. I got the major decision and it felt good."

In the 165-pound match senior David Cheza added another major decision for MSU, beating Preston Kieffer of Indiana, 10-1. Cheza was up 4-0 heading into the third period and was able to maneuver two takedowns and added 3:11 of ride time to record bonus points for Michigan State.

"Anthony is just rock solid - he always gives you his best," Minkel said. "David Cheza is the same way. Those kids have been here five years now, and they have matured and are a big part of the leadership on this team."

Curran Jacobs recorded a 4-2 decision over Ryan LeBlanc of Indiana at 174 pounds. Jacobs didn't give up a takedown and had 1:09 of ride time, giving the Spartans the 11-6 lead.

"Curran has wrestled this kid close before, and we knew it was going to be a pivotal match," Minkel said. "For Curran to pull that one out was obviously critical for the dual meet."

At 184 pounds, Luke Jones lost by fall to Luke Sheridan of Indiana in 1:00, as Indiana took a 12-11 lead at intermission.

Nick McDiarmid lost a 15-6 major decision to No. 4 Matt Powless at 197 pounds after the break.

MSU bounced back In the heavyweight match, as No. 11 Michael McClure beat Adam Chalfant of Indiana 3-1 in sudden victory overtime. McClure and Chalfant were knotted at one after regulation and McClure managed a takedown with 11 seconds reamining to take the decision.

A late third period takedown by Eric Olanowski gave him the 5-3 decision over Zach Zimmer at 125 pounds. Olanowski and Zimmer were tied late in the third period with three points each. Olanowski scored the deciding takedown with only 15 seconds remaining and held off a late flurry by Zimmer to secure the decision, giving MSU a 17-16 advantage.

"Eric is a fifth-year senior, and we just really hoped that having that experience of being in the lineup when it's really critical and it's really crunch time (would help)," said Minkel. "I just had a feeling that Eric would get it done."

Wrestling in his first career dual match, true freshman Terry Turner defeated Joe Duca of Indiana in sudden victory overtime, 6-4. Each wrestler had a takedown and two escapes after the first three periods. Turner came away with a double-leg takedown 33 seconds into the overtime match, earning him his first dual victory of his career and putting the Spartans in front 20-16.

"Knowing and being younger, I dreamed of being on that stage and wearing these colors," Terry Turner said. "Having a team bond like this is a great thing and it is overwhelming when you are living your dreams."

"It's nice because we can share this with everybody here," said Minkel on winning in front of the home crowd at Jenison Field House. "I know our fans really enjoyed it, the parents, and people close to our program. We've had some adversity, we've had some injuries, and we've had some kids out of the lineup, so it was nice to get it all together today and get the win."

Michigan State will travel to the state of Illinois next weekend for a pair of Big Ten duals against Northwestern on Jan. 20 and Illinois on Jan. 22.

Michigan State 21, Indiana 20
149: Taylor Walsh (IU) fall No. 18 Dan Osterman (MSU), 2:14; IU leads, 6-0
157: No. 13 Anthony Jones Jr. (MSU) major dec. Ryan Konz (IU), 18-6; IU leads, 6-4
165: David Cheza (MSU) major dec. Preston Keiffer (IU), 10-1; MSU leads, 8-6
174: Curran Jacobs (MSU) dec. Ryan LeBlanc (IU), 4-2; MSU leads, 11-6
184: Luke Sheridan (IU) fall Luke Jones (MSU), 1:00; IU leads, 12-11
197: No. 4 Matt Powless (IU) major dec. McDiarmid (MSU), 15-6; IU leads, 16-11
HWT: No. 11 Mike McClure (MSU) sudden victory Adam Chalfant (IU), 3-1; IU leads, 16-14
125: Eric Olanowski (MSU) dec. Zach Zimmer (IU), 5-3; MSU leads, 17-16
133: Terry Turner (MSU) sudden victory Joe Duca (IU), 6-4; MSU leads, 20-16
141: Matt Ortega (IU) major dec. Andrew Ermatinger (MSU), 11-2; Tied, 20-20

MSU wins on criteria (6-4 matches) to earn tiebreaker point, 21-20

Attendance: 417

Michigan State vs. Indiana - Play-by-Play
149 - No. 18 Dan Osterman (MSU) vs. Taylor Walsh (IU)

1st period
2:33 Osterman TD2 (2-0)
1:33 Walsh R2 (2-2)
0:46 Walsh fall Osterman

Walsh (IU) pins Osterman (MSU) in 2:14; IU leads, 6-0

157 - No. 13 Anthony Jones Jr. (MSU) vs. Ryan Konz (IU)

1st period
0:44 Jones TD2 (2-0)
0:19 Konz E1 (2-1)

2nd period
Konz down
1:50 Konz E1 (2-2)
1:11 Jones TD2 (4-2)
1:05 Konz E1 (4-3)
0:49 Konz SW
0:24 Jones TD2 (6-3)

3rd period
Jones down
1:49 Jones E1 (7-3)
1:44 Jones TD2 (9-3)
1:31 Konz E1 (9-4)
1:25 Jones TD (11-4)
1:13 Konz E1 (11-5)
1:00 Konz Stalling (12-5)
0:58 Jones TD2 (14-5)
0:36 Konz Stalling (15-5)
0:24 Konz E1 (15-6)
0:02 Jones TD2 (17-6)
Jones riding time, 1:54

Jones (MSU) major dec. Konz (IU), 18-6; IU leads, 6-4

165 - David Cheza (MSU) vs. Preston Keiffer (IU)

1st period
No scoring

2nd period
Cheza down
1:53 Cheza R2 (2-0)
0:37 Cheza NF2 (4-0)
0:04 Keiffer SW

3rd period
1:48 Cheza TD2 (6-0)
1:36 Keiffer E1 (6-1)
1:10 Cheza TD2 (8-1)
0:10 Keiffer Stalling (9-1)
Cheza riding time, 3:11

Cheza (MSU) major dec. Keiffer (IU), 10-1; IU leads, 8-6

174 - Curran Jacobs (MSU) vs. Ryan LeBlanc (IU)

1st period
2:39 Jacobs TD2 (2-0)
2:28 LeBlanc E1 (2-1)

2nd period
LeBlanc down
1:27 LeBlanc caution
0:50 LeBlanc E1 (2-2)

3rd period
Jacobs down
1:49 Jacobs E1 (3-2)
Jacobs riding time, 1:09

Jacobs (MSU) dec. LeBlanc (IU), 4-2; MSU leads, 11-6

184 - Luke Jones (MSU) vs. Luke Sheridan (IU)

1st period
2:22 Sheridan TD2 (0-2)
2:00 Sheridan pins Jones

Sheridan (IU) fall Jones (MSU) in 1:00; IU leads, 12-11

197 - Nick McDiarmid (MSU) vs. No. 4 Matt Powless (IU)

1st period
2:10 McDiarmid TD2 (2-0)
1:42 McDiarmid caution
1:25 Powless E1 (2-1)
0:13 Powless TD2 (2-3)

2nd period
McDiarmid down
1:55 Powless R2 (2-5)

3rd period
McDiarmid down
1:57 McDiarmid E1 (3-5)
1:45 Powless TD2 (3-7)
1:44 McDiarmid E1 (4-7)
1:43 McDiarmid caution
1:33 Powless TD2 (4-9)
1:09 Powless NF3 (4-12)
0:42 McDiarmid SW
0:36 McDiarmid E1 (5-12)
0:26 Powless TD2 (5-14)
0:10 McDiarmid E1 (6-14)
Powless 2:24 riding time

Powless (IU) major decision McDiarmid (MSU), 15-6; IU leads, 16-11

Hwt. - No. 11 Mike McClure (MSU) vs. Adam Chalfant (IU)

1st period
No scoring

2nd period
McClure down
1:48 McClure E1 (1-0)

3rd period
Chalfant down
1:49 Chalfant E1 (1-1)

0:11 McClure TD2 (3-1)

McClure (MSU) sudden victory over Chalfant (IU), 3-1; IU leads, 16-14

125 - Eric Olanowski (MSU) vs. Zach Zimmer (IU)

1st period
1:34 Zimmer TD2 (0-2)
0:21 Olanowski caution
0:21 Zimmer caution
0:10 Olanowski R2 (2-2)

2nd period
Olanowski down
1:37 Olanowski (3-2)

3rd period
Zimmer down
1:41 Zimmer E1 (3-3
) 0:27 Zimmer SW
0:15 Olanowski TD2 (5-3)

Olanowski (MSU) dec. Zimmer (IU), 5-3; MSU leads, 17-16

133 - Terry Turner (MSU) vs. Joe Duca (IU)

1st period
1:37 Duca TD2 (0-2)
0:51 Turner E1 (1-2)
0:03 Turner TD2 (3-2)
0:01 Duca E1 (3-3)

2nd period
Turner down
1:37 Turner E1 (4-3)
0:41 Turner SW

3rd period
Duca down
2:00 Turner caution
1:40 Duca E1 (4-4)

0:33 Turner TD2 (6-4)

Turner sudden victory over Duca, 6-4; MSU leads, 20-16

141 - Andrew Ermatinger (MSU) vs. Matt Ortega (IU)

1st period
0:43 Ortega TD2 (0-2)

2nd period
Ortega down
1:20 Ortega E1 (0-3)
1:13 Ortega TD2 (0-5)
0:39 Ermatinger E1 (1-5)
0:25 Ermatinger TD2 (1-7)
0:02 Ermatinger SW

3rd period
Ermatinger down
1:38 Ermatinger E1 (2-7)
1:09 Ermatinger Stalling (2-8)
1:09 Ortega caution
0:39 Ortega TD2 (2-10)
Ortega riding time, 2:01

Ortega (IU) major dec. Ermatinger (MSU), 11-2; Tied, 20-20

MSU wins dual on criteria (more match wins, 6-4), 21-20

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